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CAV size questions


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Hey folks,

I was looking through the Robot Supply Depot and saw what looked to be some really good deals on mechs which appear (based on comparison to a hex base) to be bigger in size than most of the currently designated CavSO mechs. My club and I play 10mm Sci-Fi. Mostly fast-play rulesets like Panzer8 and Mech Attack. We use rebased (sometimes repainted) Mechwarrior clix figures which are fairly large.


Would some of the mechs in RSB be a good size fit?


For reference, the average size of a light mech is between 1.5 and 2.5 inches


Which of the following would match up in size?













Except for the Crusader, they're only 7.99 each which brings them low enough to consider as options for our budget-priced-armies.

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Most of those are dropped onto metal hex bases in the photos. I just happened to order an Emperor during the 12 days of Reaper.


The metal hex base:

  • is 33mm across measured from the outside from flat to flat.
  • it is 37mm measured from the outside from corner to opposite corner
  • each edge is 18.5mm measured on the exterior
  • and the bases are 3mm thick (same thickness as industry standard slotta bases).

Dry fitted together the Emperor was 64mm tall from the bottom of the base to the top of his left arm rocket launcher.


3mm is approximately 1/8th of an inch and 64mm is 2.5 inches tall.


You ought to be able to estimate the height from the photos by checking the height of the base and comparing it to the total height of the mech. (I.e. "how many bases tall is the mech?" then multiply by three = height in millimeters.) If converting metric to inches is a challenge google will do it for you. Just type "NN mm in inches" in a google search field and it will give you the conversion as result number one.

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Spider (unassembled, dry fit) approximately 22mm tall, chassis 32mm long x 14mm wide (at nose), launchers are 28mm wide.

TWO per package. I don't think they came with bases, but could be misremembering.


Starhawk VI (unassembled, dry fit) approximately 62mm tall from bottom of included hex base to top of launcher on shoulder (position of launcher could add about 5mm).


EDIT: I think the Starhawk VI is the same as the Warhawk, except for the left arm.

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And the thing to keep in mind with the older vehicles is that they really aren't to any particular scale, they were made to "box scale" so they could fit two per blister. This can be confusing because some of the newer 1/160 vehicles were still small enough in the proper scale to fit two per blister. The Warden, Nomad, and Dragonfly come to mind.

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6mm is 1:300


I remember reading somewhere that the original CAV was 6mm . . .


No. CAV was originally 1/160 . . .


An assortment of scales:


Scale Terrain ---- Buildings ---- 6 Foot Tall Objects (Figures)

  • 1:1200 -- 1 inch equals 100 feet -- 1.5 mm soldier
  • 1: 900 --- 1 inch equals 75 feet --- 2 mm soldier
  • 1: 600 --- 1 inch equals 50 feet --- 3 mm soldier
  • 1: 300 --- 1 inch equals 25 feet --- 6 mm soldier
  • 1: 240 --- 1 inch equals 20 feet --- 7.5 mm soldier
  • 1: 225 --- 1 inch equals 18.75 ft --- 8 mm soldier
  • 1: 180 --- 1 inch equals 15 feet --- 10 mm soldier
  • 1: 160 --- 1 inch equals 13.33 ft --- 11.25 mm soldier
  • 1: 120 --- 1 inch equals 10 feet --- 15 mm soldier
  • 1: 60 --- 1 inch equals 5 feet ---- 30 mm soldier
  • 1: 48 --- 1 inch equals 4 feet ---- 37.5 mm soldier


1:160 is/was an oddball scale. :mellow:

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CAV was originally 1/160. Some of the vehicles were made smaller so that they would be cheaper and allow 2 to fit in a blister.

All current CAV's, except for the "imported" Rogue Legion models are in 1/160 scale.

-- The rules were, the minis were not. They were whatever scale the sculptor used, the same with battletech. When I chose a scale I tried to make the best of what I had to work with. I chose 1/225 as this worked with the existing line for the most part, allowed the RL stuff to move in and worked with the BT line for people wanting to use those as well. I know I have been cursed for doing it but it was with good intentions. :-)

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Sorry CAVBOSS, I didn't express myself clearly. What I should have typed in that post was that I don't know what scale the Rogue Legion stuff was (now I do, thanks).

-- No reason to be sorry, just adding to the discussion as to what size this or that was. :-)

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