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Hey yo, new guy here. :)


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Heya, Reaper peeps.

I read a bit about the Warlord gameand I thought I'm gonna try get into it.

So my question is: How long would it take for me to get my stuff that I buy from the ReaperMini site?

I live in sweden, so is there any estimate time for delivery?

Just asking as I would love to buy me some Warriors to create 2 starting opposing warbands, as I allready have some painted Reaper miniatures here at home.

Thank you. :)

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Okay, but how long would that take for it reaching sweden?
I looked up the shipping rates on United States Postal Service and took a small box as an example to ship from USA to Sweden.
It said around 6-10 days. Does that sound right?
Sorry for these strange questions.

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Delivery to Sweden should take 4-6 weeks.

Yikes. Is that a worst case estimate, or what youve actually seen in practice?


I dont feel so bad about being all the way over in Australia now... I just got my first Reaper order, only 15 days after ordering (including 2 days processing/packing time at Reaper HQ). Might even have been quicker, except yesterday (Monday) was a public holiday here so no mail delivery for the last 3 days.

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My Australian order also took just over a fortnight. Is Australian shipping notably faster or did I just get lucky?

Two weeks is about average when I order stuff from overseas. Occasionally something takes 3 or 4 weeks, and occasionally something only takes a week, but if Sweden is 3-4 weeks average then in my experience we're just notably faster for some reason.

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Yeah it's usually about 2 weeks to Australia (plus a few days if you are remote).


I find it hard to believe it takes 4-6 weeks to get to Sweden, but that could be Reaper's experience.


xSlacker I would suggest that International Priority is only worth it if you are sure that UPS will deliver the parcel to your door and not hand over to a local mail company. Tracking numbers etc tend to stop being of use once the parcel leaves the US, as do priority stamps - you didn't pay your post service for priority so you tend not to get it.

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I have ordered stuff from the US before.
One thing I bought was a Gadget Holster, and I got it by the end of the following week. (Probably because I ordered it on a monday.)

I saw that Reaper can offer UPS, but I'm not paying over 1000 SEK for a box of miniatures, lol.

And I looked up USPS Priority International on their website, and it says that I would have it in 5-10 buisness days. (I took a small box as an example that would be the same size as a miniatures box.)

@Vejlin - I'd love to, but I live in småland (the county which is just north of skåne) and I'm not very keen on traveling that far just to game... And I'm not good when it comes to understanding danish... :/
Though my sister is situated in Copenhagen also, heh.

Also, one more question: How do I know if a model is 'In Stock'?

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