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Donkey Kong!?!?

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Growing up in the 80's, I was a Gamer before I even started Kindergarden. Playing my Atari 2600 and my Uncle's Game Systems, I became an advid Gamer early on. One of those cherished early Memories is Playing Donkey Kong at my Uncle's house. Fast forward about 3 decades, I've stayed a fan of the classic Video Games and Retro Video Games like them. But I've added a few new interests to my Life, Role Playing Games and Miniature games. Also, I've become a rather decent Miniature Painter over the last decade. And now I can mix all of those Interests into one project...this one!


So, a little bit about the Mini in Question. Once a standard DDM Dire Ape, it was modified for me by Benoit of the Roving Band of Misfits Blog with help from the Guys at Going Last Blog and Podcast. I won a contest done by Benoit's Blog and gave him the Mini at GenCon 2011 just before the FourthCore Team Deathmatch. I got it back about 5-6 Months later fully modified. It is Awesome and I knew I needed a bit more skill to give Painting it a try. Well, that time is NOW!


All he has so far is Primer and a Base Coat. But I am determined to do my best. Wish me luck:) He be Spoilered for those with Questionable Inter-Webs quality.








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Well, I've finally gotten some more work done on this Project. Due to the Plaugue i have not had the ability to work on this til recently. But, now it is technology that is interfering with my progress. I need to go get batteries for my Camera so I can take Pics for posting. So, pics should be coming later tonight.



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Batteries have been obtained and pics have been taken and uploaded! Here they are...









Still need to work on the tie and face area. and clean up the base, too. Also, I'm seeing a few spots that were missed that I could not see before at real size. So far shading and a Brown Wash are the major changes since the first pics. I'm really happy with how the Barrel came out, so far. All I did was give it a layer of Brown Wash. The base coat was Polished Bone, I think. Both Reaper Brand Paints, the ones in Dropper Bottles.(Can't remember wether they are Pro-Paints or Master Series. I have a bad memory for most names.) Anywho, hoping to get more done tonight or tomorrow.



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