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Alternates and replacements for Discontinued Paint colors


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Hello Everyone,

I need help finding an alternative to a really old Reaper color from back when they were sold in jars (not the modern bottles).

Bloodstone - Pro Paint Stock #08036


Mine become a very, very, think paste.  Also tips to try salvaging this jar of paint would be helpful if no alternative color kitbash is available.  I looked through the entire selection currently available, and nothing comes close to the color that was Bloodstone.

Bloodstone - 08036.JPG

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The lengthwise stripe on the right is Garnet Red at full strength and then thinned down, since the undertone in thinned down can be surprisingly different between paints. 


For the unthinned mass tone, I think the 89507 Paizo Asmodeus Red is the closest match in hue and value. It is more transparent, and the undertone is just little different. 9135 Carnage Red is close, but it is a little warmer, particularly in undertone.


I did look at a few special edition paints and one recently cancelled one since they may still be possible to get or things you might already have. 9663 Big Top Red is similar in value and a cool red, possibly a little cooler even than Garnet. 9278 Gory Red was recently canceled and pretty close. 29112 Viceroy Crimson was one of the RVE paints. It's a cool red that is a little less vibrant and a little darker than Garnet.


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On 4/27/2022 at 9:36 PM, farrout000 said:

29832 HD Concrete Grey is my favorite grey for painting rocks and stone work.  What is the closest cold blue grey? Maybe Misty Grey or Weathered Stone?  Other ideas?  Thank you.

According to the paint matching in the PaintRack app: 

  • Vallejo model Air "USAF Medium Grey / Dark Ghost Gray
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