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Pitch black is where Grue lurk.


Once you guys start interacting you have as much leeway, and time to interact with each other as you want, until I post. So, go crazy. Aslo bonus xp for anyone who kills the gnome and Frank in as spectacular a manner as possible. If it involves a dire chicken there will probably be ascension into the Pantheon in it. Kidding, but seriously, feel free to roleplay your interactions as much as you want. Also, just a reminder, because you know something does not necessarily mean that your character knows it. Especially if your toon is dumb as a rock. That's why Gary Gygax invented rolling dice. If you want to try to figure something out, unless it's widely known to be common knowledge, you need to announce intention, and how you wish to proceed. At that point we'll figure out what you need to roll, how badly you fail, and how many die because of your failure.


In addition everyone be sure to wish Shiqra Happy Birthday today. She's 56.


I'm working on a basic timeline to give you something to look at. It won't be much, but hopefully will give you a little background that you don't possess.

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I haven't forgotten about this, nor am I ignoring you guys. I will resume normal posting after the Holiday. If Haplow hasn't posted by then I'll go ahead and drive his character for at least a bit so we can move on.

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