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Against the Kobolds


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Whoops - after digging around in my bookcase I unearthed my Players Handbook, only to discover it's 1st edition. So - my preference is for whatever rule set gets decided on. I wish now I had taken one of my EQ friends up on her offer when she was unloading all her DnD books!


Thanks for the info on S&W, Inarah - I'll check it out!

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Sorry I'm just now posting again. I fell into a beer and pizza induced coma on the couch after work, and just woke up a bit ago.


@Inarah and Spike as of right now it looks like we're pretty full up, if something changes though I will absolutely let you know.


I've decided to move forward with 2nd Edition rules. I think you can do pretty much the same things with both rule sets, and I have a lot more resources for 2nd Edition. Also that's what I've spent the bulk of my gaming career using. I am always open to new interpretations or possible house rules though, so don't hesitate to ask.


On to the meat and potatoes.


Races: All races are standard to Player's Handbook, and races from Complete Book of Humanoids (within reason).


Classes: All classes are standard to the Player's Handbook. I also allow specialty Priests and Blackguards(restrictions obviously apply to this depending on party make up/alignment conflicts)

I'm not much of a stickler for race/class restrictions as listed in the PHB, so roll what you want, but please give me some explanation as to why you are a Elven Werewolf Glitterboy Ninja Turtle instead of the more traditional Human Werewolf Glitterboy Ninja Turtle. I'm not big on class kits, but if there is a kit you want to use let me know, and tell me which version/supplement you are using.


Alignment: I prefer to stick to Good/Neutral Alignments, but I might allow evil, so send me a pm if you want to go that route.


Stats: Use Method V for stats (4d6 and drop the lowest)


Maximum HP and Gold for your class starting out. Just a forewarning, with no spoilers, it will be in your best interest to use your gold to gear your character as well as possible, don't save it for "later." If you want rope, you might want to get it, and not wait 'til later, there aren't any Super Centers on the way.


The World is named Renascentia. I will post a map and information later today. It's a different place, very young. Because of this there are few very well developed population centers. The Predominant races are Human, Elven, Orc, Kobold, and Goblin. Dwarves have a presence, though not as populous as elves. Gnomes have only recently (relatively) discovered their way through the Fey to the world, and are much more in tune with nature and the ancient eldritch forces than they are with technology. Halflings are around, but they tend to shun outsiders. The bigger races, in particular the Orcs, have not been kind to them. Obviously your PCs will have their own motivations, and goals.


Religion is another fluid concept on this world. There are three Prime Gods that represent the archetypes of Good, Evil, and Neutrality. They are known by different names among the different races and regions. The Knight is the most common name for the first. He is also known as The Brightblade, Soulblade, The Valiant, and near Godstair as The most Holy and Valiant Shining Blade of Justice. He represents Goodness, Law, Honor, and Honorable Combat. His Specialty priests are Paladins. The second is known most widely as The Warlord. She is also called The Dark Lady, Drak among the Orcs, and Tenebria to the elves (especially Dark Elves and Drow). She represents the baser concepts of battle; bloodlust, carnage, murder.

Her followers often believe in the tenets of Might Makes Right and the Ends Justify the Means. She also deals with Corruption, Slavery, and Betrayal. Her specialty priests are Blackguards. The final God is most commonly known as The Scholar. He is the God of Magic, Knowledge, Innovation, and Commerce. Some places also call him The Watcher, The Prime Magus, and The Great Librarian. It is said his grimoire contains knowledge of all holy and divine spells that are, were, or ever will be. His specialty priests must have Int 15/Wis 15. They are restricted to no armor heavier than cloth. At lvl 3 they can choose to pray for an arcane spell of 1/2 their current maximum spell level (round down) instead of a divine spell. They can only pray for arcane spells from one school of magic, and must pick the school the first time they pray for an arcane spell. In all other aspects they functions as clerics, but they may not turn or command undead. Their alignment must contain some aspect of neutrality due to the belief that knowledge is neither good nor evil in itself. All racial deities are active (Corellon Larethian, Garl Glittergold, etc.). In addition because of the nature of Renascentia you may choose any god/goddess/spirit from Legends and Lore or Deities and Demigods. Please don't use any from another campaign setting (FR, Dragonlance, Greyhawk, etc.) The Egyptian and Norse Mythos in particular have an increasing presence, and Coyote is usually around somewhere.



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Commonish, but held in awe. It is accepted as part of every day life, but it's not household. Kind of like the weather. You know it's all happening out there somewhere, but not everyone is sure exactly how, and sometimes bad things happen because of it. Some places revile it, fear it, and hold it in contempt, but it is done so with the nature we reserve for particularly heinous crime, rather than something that is unnatural. One of the three Prime Gods is primarily concerned with magic. Also the world is by its very nature magical. Strange events and things have a way of sometimes just...happening here. A city once disappeared for three days. Then came back. One of the primary forests, The Forest of Talking Trees started its life somewhere else, then slowly over the course of a few months just showed up. There also used to be a magical portal (now closed) that opened up in the trunk of a rusted out 1947 Chevy Coupe in a field in Iowa.


On the note of magic, I also allow the Shaman and Witchdoctors from the Complete Book of Humanoids. If any of you need access to PHB or the CBoH let me know.I have links to online PDFs of said.

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Can I get in? I have the S&W PDF but no experience (and I haven't read it). I have 2nd edition books (most of them) but haven't read them in 15 years or more.


I'd probably lean to 2nd, but I'll go along with anything that lets me play without worrying too much about the rules :) If you haven't noticed I have internet access at work and spend (too much) time on forums.


Oops, missed the second page. Maybe next time.

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Sorry, I've been busy. I'm all in and can most likely keep up with fairly frequent posts. I'm more familiar with 2nd ed rules but can adapt. Also will get my character down pat, pending approval, tonight. This will be my first pbp, but am super excited!

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Incoming .pdf files.


Fillable character sheets. You don't need all the pages, but are welcome to use them.




Complete Book of Humanoids




Player's Handbook.



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