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14096 T'Kay, Reptus Cleric (Hour by Hour)

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Hours 4 though 9 (so much for hour by hour posting):









I had the worst bout of flu and pneumonia that I have ever had this past week. I did a little bit of painting the first day of the flu, by then it knocked me out of my gourd for the next five days. Today I started feeling better because of the Tami-Flu, but the Doctor still has me on quarantine, so I got a few hours in, especially this evening after I woke up from the last of what seems like an endless stream of naps. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO WORK!!!! Of course, I forgot to take pictures until the end of the night.


What I got done since the last post:


  • Eyes (these suck and i will be completely redoing them)
  • Face, teeth, and mouth
  • Skin (I'll be revisiting the skin with freehand green freckles coming off of the scaled parts yet though)
  • Scales
  • Blue cloth
  • Skirt
  • Feathers

If anyone wants my recipe for any of the above, let me know.


Comments welcome,




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Andy, some solid paint work and he's coming along great! I'd like to recommend toning those feather down a bit however. Popular theory states that a mini's face should be a centerpiece of the work and I feel like the feathers are really pulling my eyes toward them.

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Hours 10 - 13:











I guess I have pretty much thrown in the towel on doing this Hour by Hour. :rolleyes: Life's too hectic.


I redid the eyes and worked on the face to help it pop more. I agree with Adrift AND Chaosscorpion, I'm trying to put more pop in the face, so I can leave the colorful feathers.


I also added the freckles and glazed them. Then I totally botched the highlighting on the staff, totally. I'm probably going to start over on that tomorrow. I cringe just looking at it. My painting abilities have slipped a bit due to my new emphasis on sculpting. I don't know how Derek does it. Today, I redid the blue sashes and did some work on the loin cloth front.


Comments welcome,



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