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Another Reaper Update - CASES!


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Ah gotcha. I am lucky to have a couple of small wall cases. Ikea no longer makes them, which is unfortunate because apart from not having built-in lighting, they're pretty much perfect for our use. You could probably start a separate thread for ideas on suitable display cases. I think there are cases for small model cars and stuff like that. I've also seen stuff for general miniatures collecting (the stuff that Joann's calls miniatures, not our kind) that would work, that usually look like the old typesetter drawers that people will use as shelves. The down side of these is that most do not have a protective door.


I had to take down my cases last year to paint the wall, and when I was putting everything back I side lined some of my older not so great stuff to free up a little space. But this is one time that being a slow painter comes in handy. ;-> (Also I paint stuff on commission or sell it, so not a lot gets added to my own shelves.) If I didn't have a case, I would probably bubble wrap stuff and put it in a small plastic tub, and do... I dunno what with the fragile based stuff. Free up a bookshelf, I guess. :->

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So basic care like not letting them rub up against coarse materials, not lighting them on fire, not driving over them with a truck, and not letting your idiot players put them in their mouths to chew on - should keep them sturdy and in top shelf shape for years.



On the issue I bolded above, IIRC someone did drive their vehicle over one of their Bones. I cannot remember if it were a truck, though. And I don't think it was painted at the time. But from what I remember, the figure was just fine. I almost want to say that I remember someone repeating the experiment intentionally, but maybe it was someone thinking that they might do it when they got their shipment.

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I contacted Outrider, and they said they wanted $10.00 each for top sheets, maybe he misunderstood what I'm asking for but that's steep for a 1/4" piece of foam.


EDIT: He did misunderstood/misread my question, he said they will be around $2.00, maybe more, maybe less, he hasn't gotten around to pricing them yet.

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As for top sheets, it'll get some 2mm foam sheets from the local art supply store. They're like $0.30 each and two should cover both sides. No need to impose shipping :)


I have a number of the chessex boxes, but I usually find that the two tray model isn't very useful with modern sized figures. They're great for the legacy sized minis, but newer minis overflow the cell and 1" slotta bases aren't a good fit either. The deep single layer model is very good though. I have a couple of the small sized ones I drop familiars into :)


I do like the old Reaper cases. The foam quality isn't quite as good as Sobol, but it works for me. ScifiGenre still seems to have some, though I'm pretty sure that they've been discontinued.


Sobol cases are good. No real complaints.


KR Multicases are neat and quite customizable. When you order, you can mix and match full and half size trays, varying the cell size and depth. The only thing that isn't completely awesome about KR is their pluckfoam is rectangular, not square.


I've heard good things about Battle Foam cases, but I don't have first hand experience with them.

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