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Paizo Pawns & minis on the battlemap together

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Just curious has anyone used both together during a game? The pawns that were introduced in the Beginner Box.


Just curious if they look odd or good together & such. As the Pathfinder game & possibly the S&W game I'm gonna run at RCon this year calls for a few custom critters & while I'm gonna try & make them. Nice to know I can make unofficial pawns if I do.


Really I want my game to look good for the players & such



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I say use what you need. I would rather have a pawn on the table with the right picture and size, than the right mini with wrong base size, or the wrong mini with the correct size (so, 40mm gnoll rather than 25mm or saying this ogre is actually a troll, forex).


If someone has an issue with it, do you really want them gaming at your table, anyways?

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The GMs of the last two Pathfinder Society games I played used pawns; two games ago, GM Alex used pawns while we players used minis; last game, GM Chris used some pawns and some minis. I thought they all looked fine together.

NPCs/creatures that stand up from the map -- whether sculpted miniatures or pawns or fold-up tokens -- look better to me than simple flat markers do. When I run games at stores or conventions, sometimes I use painted figures, I don't always have suitable figures, so I make my own fold-up counters -- for a Medium creature, I cut an index card into a strip 1" wide x 5" long, fold it into a tent-shape with a square base (1" long for the base, then 1.5" p, 1.5" down, then another 1" for overlapping at the base), draw the front view (and sometimes a back view), and then attach the ends at the base with a paper clip.

Anyway, good to know how concerned you are about your players' visual experience!



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Thanks for the opinions. I appreciate them.


I guess I'm more incline to think what they'll look like vs what the player will think. I'm more of a visual presenter then anything. While my beginner game last year at RCon was great (thank you players) the way I presented it really helped push + hey it mad me actually paint cause I had a purpose!! ha ha.


Pretty sure I'll go with pawns as they are key elements in the adventure + I remember a couple years I did do the this minis is actually this creature & it got confusing & such.


Loim, I was able to find a great tutorial to make pawns pretty much identical to the ones from Paizo so I'm good I just gotta size the artwork to make it look good.



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Years ago when we played Champions we desperately needed superhero and supervillain minis, and they were just not to be found.


I drew dozens of little stand up figures on museum board with a superfine rapidograph pen.


Cardboard figures are a lot of fun when 3D minis can't be found.

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I mostly used Cardboard Heroes for my Champions games for the same reasons. I agree that they work just fine (and I wish that I had the skill to turn out decent quality drawings with higher probability and speed.)

Ooh, I remember those. Memory like a sieve -- they were sure available. They're what I patterned ours on. We just had such ... unorthodox, weird characters that we could never find anything even approximate. I may be misremembering, but I think we also needed more types of female characters than they provided.

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@DKS How detailed do you usually draw them?


Pencil sketches, about 5 minutes each (maybe 10 minutes for Large creatures). I can scan one and post it here if you're curious.

Printing the art to make your own pawns (as you and @haldir mention) sounds like a good option, too.



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