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Hey everybody, we have taken some time to look over our previous contests and we have decided that the format we were using was to working for us, or the miniature painting community. As part of this realization, we have decided that we would throw out the rules we had going and start of fresh with some new and improved ones. But before we get to that I just want to go over breifly what we are doing and why. In our past contests we have judged each miniature that was submitted regardless of technical ability, and have awarded them points for the effort. These points will be available for each participants use once our webstore is up and running. The reasoning behind this is that, we want to appeal to begiining painters and pro painters alike, and sometimes these types of contests can be rather intimidating to the beginning painter because they dont really have a chance to win anything. In our contests we have changed this, we seek to instill painters with the confidence and sense of accompplishment that they can receive from participating in such a contest. On that note we would like to declare that we will no longer be holding contests, instead we will be hosting painting challenges where everyone is judged equally and everyone has a chance to earn their colors and be called a winner. The points accumulated by each participant will be viewable on our webpage titled "Painters Standing".


Listed below are the new rules regarding the challenges, and will apply to each challenge unless stated otherwise in the thread created for each individual challenge.


1] Every month a new challenge will be announced at 12 A.M. PST on the 1st of the month and will run untill the announcement of the next challenge the next month.


2] Each challenge will have a 1st place prize awarded to the participant with the most points in each catagory. the two categories are single miniature and diorama. A participant may only win in one category each month, but may submit an entry into both categories. THe participant will recieve the points for only one entry in each category.


3] During each challenge, every participant will receive points based on the skill and creativity used to create their entry, up to a maximum of one entry per category, though participants may enter as many entries as they like in each category, they must select the one that they wish to be judged.


4] The standard 100 points is possible to be awarded to each entry based on the skill and creativity involved in creating the entry.


5] Bonus points are also available should you meet any of the achievement conditions listed at the end of this document.


6] Over time as you accumulate points, you will be able to exchange these points for any product that we have listed in our webstore once we have it up and running.


7] The conversion rate of the points have not yet been decided, once we are able to crunch the numbers as to what we can legitimately give away, we will announce a figure.


8] Previously painted miniatures are not acceptable as entries in these challenges, WIPs must be shown along with your final entry.(previously primed miniatures are okay).


9] We require at least 2 WIP photos and 2 final photos of each mini being entered. Video can be substitued for photos if you like, but must show the mini before and after the paint job has been applied. (again, primed is okay).


10] Entries completed by persons other than yourself will not be allowed, except in the case where the entry was a team effort, and this must be documented in your photos or video. You may either create a singular account to submit the entry as for all of the points, or you may split the points among each of your team members.


11] Upon submitting your entry you will receive a message from us requesting an email address at which we may be able to contact you, and your first and last name. This information will not be given out to anybody and will be used to verify the exchange of points in the future. We will also place the display name of your choosing in the leader board on our website.


12] Photoshoping or any other form of digital enchancement of your entry is strictly forbidden and will result is disqualification and loss of any acrued points, this is meant to be a friendly challenge among the miniature hobby community and cheating will not be tolerated. Paint your minis with real paint, that is all.


13] For those of you that dont know WIP stands for work in progress, when we say that we require wips to be shown, it means that we are looking for several photos or video documenting your progress as you create your entry.


14] It is not required that you adhere to the theme of each challenge in order to participate, you many submit anything for your entry, though entries that fit the thme may score higher than ones that do not.



The bonus percentage listed next to each acheivement is cummulative in the sense that say you get the achievement "Themed Entry" and "Speedy Painter", we will take the 10% bonus from the "Themed Entry" acheivement and the 10% bonus from the "Speedy Painter" acheivement, and we will add them together to give you a bonus of 20% to your total number of earned points for that entry during that month. (100 points with a 20% bonus equates to 120 points for that entry).


1] Themed Entry - - +10% - - Your entry fits within the theme choosen at the beginning of the challenge in which you entered.


2] Dioramaland - - +50% - - Your entry for this challenge is above and beyond the scope of a single miniature entry, and includes terrain and multiple miniatures.


3] Speedy Painter - - +10% - - You complete and submit your entry to be judged within the first 48 hours from the start of the challenge.


4] Picasso - - +40% - - Non obvious, creative use of a miniature and colors. Somehting that would not typically be thought of to do with the miniature in question.


5] Quick Draw McGraw - - +10% - - Be the first person to submit an entry for judging.


6] Big'Uns - - +50% - - Your entry is far larger than a normal mini or diorama, this includes things like dragons, giants and other exceptionally large minis. The mini in question must stand at least 75mm tall. If you wish to paint a miniature that you beleive should be considered in the large category, but does not meet the height requirement, you may petition an exception from us by contacting us with a photo of the mini and/or the name/manufacturer #/ manufacturer of the mini, and we will decide wether it qualifies in as quick a manner as we can. All entries attempting this acheivement must clearly show a mm ruler next to the mini, evidencing the size of the miniature in either a photo or video.


7] ICU - - +15% - - This acheivement is awarded to any one who paints exceptional quality eyes on their mini.


8] Doctor Frankenmini - - +15% - - You are taking several peices from one or more miniature and are applying them to another miniature to create your entry. ( weapons dont count) you must also show the minis from which you are taking the parts, or at least provide the model number and manufacturere of the minis used for parts.


9] Green Thumb - - +150% - - You sculpted your own miniature from scrath and painted it up for the challenge. Must show lots of WIPs documenting the process you took to complete the entry. Video can be substituted for photos.


10] Blue Ribbin Winner - - +25% - - Yours was the most appealing entry out of the entire challenge.


11] Most Improved - - +25% - - You take a previously painted miniature that you have done, strip the paint off of it, and re-paint it. The entry that has the most improvement will receive the bonus. Must show before and after photos along with the WIPs.


12] Over Acheiver -- +100%-- Your entry has earned four or more acheivements from this section and deserves an extra extra boost of points, congratulations on such a masterpiece.





When you are ready to submit your entry please post your photos in this thread, if they contain nudity provide a link to your pictures instead. If you are submitting your entry as a video, follow this link

to our Youtube video explaining the challenge and upload it as a response video.



The theme for this months challenge is to take your favorite super hero, from any universe, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, it does not matter which, and paint a medival fantasy style miniature as if they were that super hero. Be as creative with it as you like.

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@dispatchdave, that's sorta what were hoping for, the word contest tends to intimidate beginning painters, and we want to see them participate just as much as the pro painters, so hopefully the name change will help. An achievement for exquisite free hand work had not occurred to me, but it will go on the list for next month.


@klyons99, we weren't sure if the theme had ever been done before, but we thought it would be a really fun idea. And it gives fans a chance to geek out over their favorite super hero and miniatures at the same time

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Eh, screw it. I think the biggest weakness is taking a pic before I start painting. I just can't seem to remember to do it. I literally just sat down to start another and had base coats down in 3 places before I realized I was supposed to take a pre-paint pic :lol:


So, here is my entry!


It's an from RAFM's Reptiliads. http://www.rafm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RAF&Product_Code=RAF03017&Category_Code=REP'>Young War Turtle with Gilla Worm




I'm particularly happy with the tortoise's eyes and shell! I made the gilla worm riding him blind by painting them white with grey iris/pupils.

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    • By SparrowMarie
      It's January! That means a new year and new challenges for the challenge league.
      So January's minis are as follows:
      Themes - Fresh Start, Good Luck: Enrieth, Female Harefolk Rogue (30012) Limited Palette - blue, green, yellow: Dire Grouper (BV Dk.Dp. | 601) Plasma Blue, Peacock Green, Callistria Yellow Player Character: Garrick the Bold (77008) Monster: Owlbear (BV Dun.Dw. | 301) Duo's: Elanter the Lost Prince (30006) Trio's: Damras Deveril, Wizard (30007) New Release: Gingerbread Knight (30033) Freebie: Pyram the Pincher, d4 (77646)  
      Now for Quarterly minis:
      Large Freebie: Fungal Queen (44050) Seasonal Themed: Valentines Mousling (03557) Large Model: Cloud Giantess (BV GO | 515) Moderator's Choice: (NOT YET ANNOUNCED???) Terrain/Bust: Dragon Bust (BV AO) Large Group 4+: PeopleSea Dragon (BV Dk.Dp. | 634) Diorama: Axolotl Adventures Pop-Up Challenge: Lucky Color: TBD Pop-Up Challenge: Hero & Monster: TBD Pop-Up Challenge: Nemesis: TBD  
      Lots to do and decide on still. I am starting to prime them as necessary. The only category I don't have listed is the Heavy Mod/ Conversion because I never get that one done anyway.
    • By Reaper_Jon
      Reaper Challenge League 2022
      1) Intro
      2) How It Works
      3) Types of Challenges
      4) The Raffle

                         PDF Check List               Discord
             Welcome to the Reaper Challenge League (RCL), a system that rewards fans for completing community-based events and challenges. This will all be conducted via the Reaper Miniatures Discord, where there is a system in place to track points and administer raffles easily (see below).

      THIS IS NOT A CONTEST ----- This is meant to be a challenge against yourself to see what you can accomplish, not a contest to compete in against other people in the community. So enjoy your time in creating stuff and have fun doing it with everyone else!

      Only Reaper minis will be accepted except for in the Freebie/Bust categories. You can use any paints for submissions, the only exception is the Limited Palette challenge.

      How It Works:
      Users can submit photos of RCL projects on the #submissions area on Discord and receive points depending on the tier of challenge.
      These points can then in turn be used to purchase raffle tickets which will be drawn quarterly, with a large annual raffle at the end of the year. Only Reaper minis will be accepted for submissions, except for in the Freebie/Bust categories. You can use any paints for submissions, the only exception is the Limited Palette challenge. Each quarter, a RCL raffle shall be held during the last seven days. This ensures that people have ample time to enter tickets or finish any entries so your points may be exchanged into tickets. On the last day of the quarter, the raffle will be drawn, and winners posted. At the end of the year a larger raffle will occur that accounts all accrued points points you have earned yearly (spent and unspent).  Terms and Conditions may change at the discretion of Reaper Miniatures at any time.

      Type of Challenges:
         All entries must show some sign of trying and not just throwing paint on to get some quick points. In keeping of the spirit of the league, challenge yourself and see what you and others are capable of. The amount of points that each one challenge will grant are in the () below, as well on the PDF for the 2021 chart. Reaper Challenge League PDF

      The Raffle:
           The raffle will happen the last 7 days of each quarter, This will ensure that people have ample time to enter their tickets or finish any entries they need to complete before drawings. Tickets will be pulled on the last day of each quarter!
          This will all be done on the Discord server, as we have a bot that is programmed to keep track of members points and how many tickets they have. We will use this bot to open the drawing and for you to enter and participate with the system. The drawing will stay open for one week before doing the drawing on the last day at a set time!

      Thank you, the team!

      Reaper Challenge League PDF
      Frequently asked questions
      Q: I am just wondering if one model can be turned in for two different categories? 
      A: In the spirit of the challenge, we would like it if you submitted a different model for another challenge. As this isn't a contest and meant to get people hobbying. 🙂 so you would just be doing yourself a dissatisfaction!!!!!
      Q:  Since the Reaper Discord moves so insanely fast, how will winners be notified? 
      A:There will be a channel that is static that is read only, for raffle winner and other announcements. 
      Q: Will the raffle draws be things that can survive through colder climates when shipped? 
      A: Not to sure on the exact prizes but this ties into your third question, I can hold things for you if cold climate is an issue and ship it at an opportune time.
      Q: For the Quarterly holiday - what are you looking for for Q1?  Like would just, any winter/snowy model be ok, or do I need to figure out what a MLK day themed model would be? 😜
      A: The rules are very loose, as this is not a contest and is meant for you and others to hobby!!!!!! So if you think its a holiday or a special day? By all means paint something and present it under that challenge category, as long as you spent time and effort into making it, I will recognize it. As an example if you wanted to paint something that was for your birthday! i'll count that! 
      RCL 2021 udated list! - Sheet1.pdf
    • By Inarah
      The challenge is 30 minis in 30 days (not necessarily 1 mini each day.) I've been prepping a few figures each week since August, and this year's theme is Science Fiction: 
      Team Terminator:

      XairBot (Small) 49012
      XairBot (Medium) 49013
      CyberReavers I (2) 50354
      CyberReavers II (2) 50355
      CyberReaver 845
      Enforcer 847
      Team Survivor:

      HESCO barriers (2)
      Starship Generator 80053
      Tess, Adventuring Heroine 49020
      Slade, Cyborg Hero 49018
      Nova Corp:Female 80013
      Nova Corp:Soldier 80012

      Gothic Tank Traps/objective markers (2)
      3d printed scatter terrain
      Crates (Large and Small)(2) 77248
      Jersey Barriers (2)
      More Stuff:

      IMEF: Reggie Van Zandt 80017
      Viceroy Enforcers (3) 30029
      Starship Generator 80053 #2
      Obligatory Fantasy:

      Dreadmere wight 44022 
      Benedict Baker 
      dark elf w/bow 1128
      Liriel Silverlocks 2458
      DGS games female
      Not shown: Blood Nebula Mercenary 49017, Power Generator 72611 (2)-- still in blister packs. 
      That gets me to 30-ish, depending on whether I count things like the barriers and crates as single pieces or not.  Still working on getting the last few pieces washed and primed and identified. 
    • By Supes81
      So I really had to share this because I'm super proud of it and had to show it off 

    • By vulture
      I have a painting WIP running, and I think it is going decently well - I am keeping up on it, anyhow.
      I thought I would start a cumulative WIP on whatever random sculpting and terrain I do. It is a pretty big part of the hobby for me, and I enjoy it a lot, so I hope to keep it going on a personal level. While I am easily better at sculpting digitally (by a lot), I really don't enjoy doing it. At this point in my life, significant time spent in front of a computer is work, and I have enough of that to do. So, Ill post my ham fisted attempts to sculpt things for my personal collection below.
      So...I have been having some really long and tediously boring zoom meetings, and I have found that I can't both paint and maintain a CYA level of paying attention, but I can crudely sculpt with clay. rather than working on any of my projects that require focus, I thought I'd work on something that can be haphazard to keep it light through the process. I have been obsessive over plant monsters lately, so I thought I'd make a tendriculos. Big, forgiving, and fun - perfect!
      I had a marathon of meetings today, so I was able to jump right in and make some progress. Thus far all I have is an armature with a thin coating of polymer clay - but it's a start!

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