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Familiar Pack XI (Nudity Link)

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Hey guys, as I promised I'm increasing the amount of minis I paint and show off this year so here are my next group for your viewing.


These guys are ultra small, but the thing is, they're sculpted as if they were full size! Just an amazing job by Ridolfi here on these pieces. Makes me want to grab up all the familiars! So tiny, so cute! I would love an entire line of minis at this scale, as long as they were all sculpted with such features and skill as these, I mean just look at the body/face/hair of that little wingless succubus, can't believe how small she is! WOW


Alright, until next time my friends,


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Love the minis and especially the little succubi but I believe the black bars don't count and they might remove it. (I had to double check that one) "Additionally, censoring your images with black out strips (or any other option) isn't allowed, they must be linked."

anyway man I love the work, just trying to keep you informed and save you some grief.


Side note: I am So getting one of these packs.

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GREAT LOOKING Little Nasties! The colors & brushwork are OUTSTANDING...AND a FINE job on the bases. VERY WELL DONE!


I spotted these pieces over on C.M.o.N. a little while ago AND voted...in a totally unbiased manner of course.


I forgot...another indication of imminent senility...I just picked up this pack; SO your WONDERFUL pieces will also serve as inspiration for moi. Thanks!

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I love working on these little guys, even if painting them is sometimes like trying to do brain surgery with a broadsword, lol...

I've painted the dragon familiar about seven times now, and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. I think I have all the familiar sets, although I haven't gotten even close to finishing them yet.

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