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Familiar Pack XI (Nudity Link)


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Hey guys, as I promised I'm increasing the amount of minis I paint and show off this year so here are my next group for your viewing.


These guys are ultra small, but the thing is, they're sculpted as if they were full size! Just an amazing job by Ridolfi here on these pieces. Makes me want to grab up all the familiars! So tiny, so cute! I would love an entire line of minis at this scale, as long as they were all sculpted with such features and skill as these, I mean just look at the body/face/hair of that little wingless succubus, can't believe how small she is! WOW


Alright, until next time my friends,



very nice! love the colors on all of them :)

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Hey guys, thanks everyone! I have a little time in between assembling my next batch of minis to paint to quickly list the recipe I used here for the skintone of the succy, aka "cinnamon skin"


Base of VMC Red with VMC Old Rose and a touch of VMC Purple. I like to start pretty dark on my basecoats and highlight up from there.


Add Old Rose to that mix until you get some highlights worked out then highlight that with VMC Salmon Rose and a final addition of MSP Fair Skin Highlight for the really bright spots like cheekbones and fingertips and stuff.


Shade with Citadel Wash Leviathan Purple (discontinued, unsure of the name of the new purple wash)

and tie in the highlights, midtones and shades with Citadel Wash Baal Red (again, discontinued but they make a new red version)


@rocketpropelledgames: I get my Reaper minis either from reapermini.com or from miniaturegiant.com, thanks.


Alright, busy Saturday prepping and basing metal to get ready for more paint, thank you all so much for coming out and commenting, I always get a kick out of that!

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