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The Apprentice, or Holy Crap! He's showing something!


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So, I painted this guy up and gave him to a party member for her birthday. I'm not entirely sure what she's going to do with him, but I had painted him up, and have now decided everyone gets a painted mini for their birthday... whether they want it or not! :D


So, without further ado, something I've painted! C&C welcome/requested.











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Thanks! I may have to put together a custom base for her now.... Hmm.


I did have fun with the books (though the paper was weird for me). I got to use my ancient RPP Plains (a lovely mint color). The skin has a few shades of highlights, but it's hard to tell (in person or in picture, lol). The shirt was just several really thin Sapphire Blue washes, but I like it a lot.


As for the expression, that was totally unintentional... I hate eyes, maybe as much as Argentee.... I personally am very happy with my first ever eyebrows!

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I originally purchased him for a (fantasy/magical) library diorama/HA build I'm planning for the future. I'll have to get another one now. He will be joined by Jolie, and I'm not sure whom else yet....


@Dave: Nice name. Also, I considered it, but didn't,and now it's hers. I'm pretty sure I'll add titles or something next time, just gotta build up those calligraphy skills.



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