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More bones orcs and some tribal group shots

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So here are the Bones Orc swordsmen (77019), which are the last of my bones orcs (untill Boneami arrives).





And here is the last missing spearman (Bones 77003) that I had blamed the cats for stealing. He was in fact hiding behind some other minis on the shelf. Since he was late to the party he got the bent bronze spear....





And here is the whole tribe (can you find Waldo the warrior?)





Fun group to paint, I am sure they will harass adventurers for a long time.

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The chainmail was a basecoat with black and then Reaper Ancient bronze 9049 on top, making sure I didn't fill too many holes. I bet you could also do a black wash after, I just never seem to have great luck with washes, something I should work on.

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I'm far to fond of the cartoony Blizard/GW Orks and Gobs to buy any of these myself but I really like what you've done here. The 'bronzemail' is especially clever.

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