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Wait.... you wanted Ramen Noodles?


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Even in primitive cultures, clear communication is essential!


2454: Tonga, Gorilla-Man by Jason Wiebe


I'm not a huge fan of gory sculpts but this one was too much fun to pass up.





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Cool piece nicely painted. I suspect this one might be difficult to display at competions though.


heh, I have no intention of entering him in a competition it was just one of those goofy minis that was just begging to be painted :)

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If I was gonna do a diorama with this piece, I would have a line of soldiers waiting to fight the gorilla on one side and a pile of dead soldiers on the other side with a bunch of simians grubbing out on the dead. With like a crowd if people watching in sort of a coliseum type of thing .

Need lots of copies of 3104, Urian to pull this off. And Hirst arts. And townsfolk.


And Ape-X?

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