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Arena-style semi-campaign mechanics


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Background: In an effort to get my few friends who play mini games into WL, and inspired by a big cardboard box I found lying around the house, I built an arena for gladiator combat. Basically, it pits one mini or so against the point value of the challenger's choosing. For example, Player 1 has a 46 point figure, and decides he wants a tougher fight than normal, and chooses to go against 60 points, leaving the exact figure choice to Player 2.


I've always enjoyed games with some sort of advancement mechanic, Necromunda, Warhammer Quest, RPGs, etc, and I have been trying tofigure out how to incorporate that into this little mini-adaptation of standard WL. I've played a few test rounds to introduce the system to a few friends, and it was met with resounding enthusiasm (Yay, WL!). The players, having played Heroclix, loved having damage tracks, as well as the ability to look up and print out the cards so easily (Yay, Reapergames!) The only thing we may have to adjust would be the Ranger SA, in a 17" square arena, the size of the box that inspired this whole thing, an extra move like that kind of unbalances the game. In any case, my thoughts on advancement are as follows:


1. Experience points are awarded for each monster killed, currently 2% of the point value. That was somewhat arbitrarily set to try and see what works, it may end up changing with more playtesting.

2. Points can then be spent by: A: Upgrading the figure to another stat card by paying the difference (Ex: Reptus Warrior to Ra'am. 41 points base + 33 experience points) or B: Adding another figure to your team. (Ex: Reptus Warrior is now followed by a Clutchling Spearman), or C: Purchasing a faction-friendly item.

3. I was considering using the Generic Datacards from the back of the WL1, specifically the point values for modifying stats, but perusal of the forums has mentioned that those generic cards were broken, not to mention that they are from a previous edition.


My questions, then, are as follows: What say you, good Reaperites? How badly were those cards broken? Assuming some double-checking to make sure the SAs were WL2-correct, would they still work in this very small setting? Are the points for the customization too expensive, or too cheap for the bonuses provided? Any other questions or suggestions?



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In the end, since you are working to create something new and different for your personal enjoyment, the best answer I can give you is, have fun tinkering.


To be honest that is one of the reasons why Warlord 2nd edition is here. There was a group of us hard core players that loved the game, but felt that prior versions had too many problems with them for one reason or another. So, we set upon updating and making it better. We spent the better part of 2 years getting it prepared. When we were finished, Reaper liked what we did and agreed to use it. Whala we have a second edition.


So, grab your calculators, spreadsheets, and protractors, and get to work seeing what you come up with. Who knows.. You just might come up with something successful...

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Yeah, that's one of the reasons I love this system! While the player base is fairly small, those who love it, LOVE IT, and tend to go to great lengths to support it. While I've been playing for years and years, albeit not frequently, I figured I may as well avail myself to the greater knowledge of the forums and ask for opinions. I'll probably throw in a few pictures once everything gets fleshed out a bit more, maybe I'll even move from a grey cardboard box with bleachers to something a bit more... scenic. Possibly a bit larger.


Notes on what I've seen so far: a 17" square is tiny. I had forgotten how fast everything can get into B2B. My two beta testers challenged the Griffon, and died within two activations. Yay Ranger SA?

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