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Scibor Dwarf Ulfar WIP

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Thought I would try doing a WIP for this Scibor Monstrous Miniatures dwarf I'm painting. (I really like their dwarves)


I started with the face using the MSP tanned skin triad going dark to light. I tried adding some white for the final highlights on his face and noticed he was starting to sparkle. My guess is pearl white is not a good white to use. I painted over the sparkly bits since this dwarf isnt going to be an angsty teen vampire and called it quits on the face, I'll finish that at the end. Next I base coated his gambeson in Terran khaki, intending to shade and highlight with khaki shadow and khaki highlight. Then I got a great idea to just use a wash to get in all the folds. I'm not too happy with the way the wash turned out.


That's it for the first session. Next time I'm going to see if I can fix the gambeson, finish base coating, do a little lining, then try to make him look pretty. Suggestions welcomed!



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Format looks fine to me. Great job on the face. Anyway, I love the Terran Triad, looks great when done. Another nice one is:

[img=http://www.reapermini.com/products/09127_G.thumb.jpg]09127 Uniform Brown ($3.29) [+1]

[img=http://www.reapermini.com/products/09128_G.thumb.jpg]09128 Green Ochre ($3.29) [+1]

[img=http://www.reapermini.com/products/09129_G.thumb.jpg]09129 Faded Khaki ($3.29) [+1]


Thanks, I'm still deciding on what color to use for his pants. Depending how dark/light his shirt ends up, I may use that, though I'm not sure about all earth tones.

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This formatting is kicking my butt. How do I get the picture to not rearrange everything in the post.


I use paragraphs, I swear!


I have the same problems with the Reaper forums sometimes running all my paragraphs together too.


The only way around it that I found is to hit the edit tab, and then you'll see your post the way you originally typed it. I then enter just one blank line anywhere there is a paragraph break. You only have to do this once, not for every break in the text, and repost it. That works so far.

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Pearl White is a metallic white as you just discovered :) Use it for highlighting metallic paints. Pure White is the non-metallic white. Or for Tanned Flesh triad, try using an off-white like Linen White instead (Leather White is another good one).


I'm a Scibor fan, too. Looking forward to your work!

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Suzie: How many coats of brilliant blue does it take to cover up chestnut brown?



Johnny: I don't know, let's ask Mr Owl!



Mr Owl: let's find out. One, two, three.....



The world may never know.



Do I date myself referencing Mr Tootsie Roll?

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Ok, got most of it base coated. The pants are going to be shaded to almost black and the boots to a really dark brown with dark red highlights (dried blood or some other dark redish-brown. Probably going to go ancient bronze on the metal bits. I started getting sloppy so called it quits for the night. I have lot of shading and line fixing to do tomorrow.

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So, the blue pants weren't working for me so I used the colors that Leader of the Rats recommended a few posts up. I like it better than the blue.


Does anyone have any tips on painting things like the belt and keeping the lines neat? I'm having trouble where two colors meet.


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