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Obisidan Crane's February Painting


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This is where I will be accumulating my finished miniatures for February. Comments are always welcome on the minis.

Finished Reaper Figures
14267: General Matisse,Overlords Warlord
14575: Tierdeleira, Priestess
03555: Thilinos Nightflame, Dark Elf

Finished Other Figures
Swords & Soldiers: Dream Park - Villain (1992)
Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 1 Strain x 8
Ral Partha (?): Halfling Paladin
Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 2 "Quasimodo" Strain x1
Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Hurley
Avatars of War: Harpy of the Apocalypse
Studio McVey: Sedition Wars - Phase 2 "Stalker" Strain x1
Ral Partha: Dark Sun Gladiators - Neeva
Citadel (GW): Dwarf (pre-1990 pre-slotta).

Bonenami: 114

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Right finally finished a figure this month, so not helping with the 20-30 a month target I have not getting 1 done before the 4th.


Anyway this miniature is from the short lived Swords & Soldiers: Dream Park line. He is the Villain model and he came in a blister with 2 others minis (a male and female henchman). Ultimately these were terrible models and looking back now I have no idea why I even purchased it, excpet I love me some minis and I had the Dream Park RPG.



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The Dream Park RPG was produced by R. Talsorian Games and hasn't been in print since the '90s. It wasn't very successful when Mike Pondsmith wrote it and it disappeared quickly. Soldiers & Swords produced minis for quite a few smaller game lines, but to my knowledge died years ago as well.


I still have a few blister packs of the Dream Park minis around, but as ObsidianCrane noted, they really aren't very well sculpted or cast.



Doug Sundseth, former Production Manager, Dream Park Corp. (Really.)

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Got a good opportunity to lay down some source lighting there around the ball :-)

I'll be honest the mini is not going to get that level of attention, it's a good idea for similar models.


As to getting the minis it's pretty much eBay or bust not much shows up on a google search for them, they definitely fall into the "cheap and nasty" category.

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On a bit of a roll tonight, got quite a bit of work done including finishing 2 models, the Strain above and this Halfling.


I purchased him a long time ago and recently dragged him out of my box of shame and rebased him onto a Back-2-Base-ix Celtic Ruins base. He was a simple and fun mini to paint being mostly metal. The heraldic colours on his shield are inspired by a real set, nice to have such simple ideas from time to time.



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Quality speed painting is good :) (It's what I'm aiming for with the Sedition Wars stuff at least.)


I also gave a slightly inaccurate report on the orange, the final highlight actually is Explosion Orange + Sun Yellow, close to 50:50 mix but favouring the orange a little if in doubt.


That said I finished the "big arm" extras from my Biohazard kit tonight, and started the flesh on the rest of the Strain I have primed.


Here are the "lucky three";



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