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Bathalian: Bones vs. Metal challenge

Which one is Bones?  

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  1. 1. There are two figures - one is Metal. One is Bones. Which figure in the pictures is the Bones miniature?

    • The one on the Left.
    • The one on the Right.
    • I cannot tell.

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I voted RIGHT for one reason - the figure on the right is taller.


I noticed the bent staff on the RIGHT only after I had voted - but you would have won extra clever points if you had purposely bent the metal staff.


Your excellent paint job does drive home the point that the quality of Bones miniatures is very high.

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Late to the party, but I had to say I could not tell. After reading through and going back and looking, I found things that people used as clues. A brilliant paint job on each of them. Well played, sir. Well played, indeed.

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I'm not sure if the answer was already posted, since I went from first page to last and seeing the first post dates months back...

But... I cannot tell.


The staff caught my eye aswell and somewhere I thought the bent one should be bones, but then again, I often straighten a metal staff and bend it without realising, or I just completely forget to straighten it... So, it could be both I guess.


But... appart from that...

I love this post! It's great to see I don't see the difference! I was getting a bit worried having spend so much money on plastics of which I didn't know the quality... but now this post gives me a kinda relaxed feeling that I'm getting good stuff, and on the other hand it stresses me out cause I have nearly patience left to wait for mine! Hope my box arrives soon and that the customs don't start playing with them in their offices...


Thanks for sharing! :-)


I look forward to do the same test with 03547 Juliette :-)

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I actually have a number of the KS Bones in metal already.

As do I, unpainted no less. I've taken the past 2.5 months off of painting, but I'm planning to come up with a new challenge here in the near future.

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I went with right, only after going carefully over both minis. I ignored the staff, since it seemed like an obvious tell, and examined other things, like his hands, the points on his collar, and the edges of his robe. Instinct told me that those details would be softer, not as crisp, and in the case of his fingers, slightly thicker than on the metal mini. The differences are very slight, and unless I was deliberately looking for differences as I was just now, I would never have been able to tell them apart. Bravo!

As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I'd found what I wanted to put on the outside of my KS case. A quick google let me find it without the words (though they are most awesome), and also showed me that there's a t-shirt of it that I know my husband would love. So, thank you for your thread rez picture! :D



--OneBoot :D

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I actually have a number of the KS Bones in metal already.

As do I, unpainted no less. I've taken the past 2.5 months off of painting, but I'm planning to come up with a new challenge here in the near future.


I have this mini unpainted in metal :bday:


Painted in Bones :wow:

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      What animals do you use most often in your games?
      Do you have a favorite animal you like to see painted in miniatures?
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      Painted them up to match.  They'll work great as bandits, thugs, mercenaries, or militia men.  Very versatile figures.  They were also a great opportunity for me to practice my face-work.
      Brigands (3) 77707

      I'm assuming the upcoming bones "Brigands" are in fact these three.  Lovely little models.  I'm a big fan of the slightly chunkier bones models that have been coming out lately.  They tend to have larger surface areas and better-defined edges.  They also tend to have less clutter.  This makes for an easier, cleaner paint job in my opinion.
      More Photos below the Spoiler:
      Bandits 77507,77508,77509,77510

      These four are from the Bones 3 Stoneskull Expansion.  I've had them sitting around for awhile, but decided to paint them up with the Brigands.  They have similar enough designs to fit together.  In general, I like their design less, but once I painted them up that didn't matter.  Perfectly serviceable mooks!
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      Who's your favorite of the bunch?  I'm partial to the Executioner myself, with the Bandit Bully taking a close second.
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      The latest from my bench, Reaper Minis Sir Conlan. This is a character for my D&D game. Player requested muted colors but a contrasting blue cloak. What do you think? Did I succeed? As always C&C welcomed and encouraged.

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