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Dungeon Crawler Kraken KickStartero

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We've LAUNCHED! Kickstarter






There's lots of background at the above link, but here is the meat and potatoes.



1. One over-sized unpainted mini.

2. Some KS exclusives:

  • KS Collector T-shirt.
  • A Signed Collector Card for Labyrinth & Authenticity (individually numbered).
  • Blackbyrne Adventure set in the world of Dungeon Crawler!
3. Add-ons include:
  • Our previously released DC Minis.
  • Custom Coins.
  • Our KS Campaign T-shirt.
  • Our ECG Card Game and it's expansions.
4. The secret of our strange bases will be revealed!

5. Shipping will be included in the pledges for USA, +$15 for international.

6. Master Paints by Ben Riegler will be available!

7. A Starting goal of $10,000


For those interested in the pre-painted aspects, that first checkpoint will be at the $15k mark, and the next sculpt will be at the $18k mark.

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Kickstarter keeps telling people to offer t-shirts. I think it's their stock answer when they don't understand a product. Hipsters.

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Im not interested in t-shirts, coins, adventures to rules sets ill never use, rulebooks for games ill never use, prints, postcards, cert. of auth. etc. I just want the miniatures usually, and don't want to pay for all that extra stuff. So if they do a KS (not just this company) I hope they also offer a miniature-only pledge level.

Their last 2 KS didn't really intrest me since im not really into their subject matter. About the only thing that I really liked were the jellyshrooms, they were awesome!

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That's a good write up in your forum. I'm hoping the third time is the charm for you as you seam to have learned a lot.


Having shipping included will help you get pledges and having a lower starting scope will keep your initial goal low as people look at that for the potential of getting their stuff and extras.


Having greens is good as well. May I suggest doing what WWX did and start building interest by showing them off via news sites and social media?

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So if they do a KS (not just this company) I hope they also offer a miniature-only pledge level.

We will have this. :)


The extras are simply for people that like the extras, we want the miniatures to be our core.

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