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Australian Animal Miniatures Kickstarter

Olaf the Stout

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Hi all,


I'm very proud to announce the Australian Animal Miniatures Kickstarter.


Over the years a large number of awesome Aussie animals have created as tournament support for the Southern Shrike Bowl and Eucalyptus Bowl Bood Bowl tournaments.  We've now got enough different minis that people can make full teams out of them. However, due to their limited nature, many of them are really hard to get hold of and can be expensive when you do.


So, as a once off, the 3 miniature companies and 2 tournaments behind the miniatures have all joined forces to make these miniatures available again via this Kickstarter with some awesome bundled rates. So if you've always wanted a Koala with a weed wacker or a bowie knife, or a boxing Kangaroo, or a chainsaw wielding Platypus this Kickstarter is for you.  Many of the figures in this Kickstarter will not be available to buy after the Kickstarter has finished, so this may be your best and last chance to get a hold of these minis.




Olaf the Stout


Note:  In the interests of full disclosure, I am the tournament organiser for Southern Shrike Bowl, a Blood Bowl tournament that this Kickstarter is helping to support.  The Kickstarter itself is being run by Impact Miniatures, the company behind the Chibi Dungeon Adventures Kickstarter, the D14 and D18 Die Kickstarter and the Necronomicon Cthulhu Minis Kickstarter.


Feel free to ask any questions.  I may not be able to answer them all myself, but I should be able to get the answer pretty quickly.

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I've overdosed a bit on Kickstarter lately, but these certainly look great so I'll be keeping an eye on them. They might make fun surprise additions to my Dreadball team.


Now if you had a Kiwi or the like for your mates across the ditch then I definitely couldn't resist...

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Arkady, I'm sure some people don't like 'counts as' teams as they can potentially be confusing if the positions aren't clearly marked on the team. However, I've played against a number of counts as teams here in Australia and seen quite a few online from overseas players. 'Counts as' teams seem to be relatively common and somewhat accepted by the Blood Bowl community in my experience.


I myself have some Singirit minis (African animals) that I use as a 'counts as' Norse team. I recently played a tournament with them and had no issues with them as I mark the edges of the bases different colours to represent the different positions. Personally the most trouble I've had with distingusing positions on a team is Orc teams customised from Warhammer minis. Trying to figure out which ones are Blitzers, which are Lineorcs and which are Black Orcs can sometimes be quite a challenge!


Olaf the Stout

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As I mentioned in the project I'm actually more interested in these to convert them for use in Gamma World or very strange D&D encounters ( "You are attacked by, a werekoala!" ). The game gear overall mostly looks like it could be painted to represent leather armor or improvised stuff in a post-apocalypse setting.

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