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01424: Echidnox, Hedgehog Hero as Sonic the Hedgehog

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Thank you everyone! I'm really unsure of myself when it comes to green stuffing things onto a model. Shoes would be super awesome, but I would hate to mess him up. Rings on the other hand... I think I could manage sculpting a few rings , put them up on clear standing rods and have them float around him ::D:


Okay, I've got 4 golden rings and a Chaos Emerald sculpted and curing on my desk now! I hope they look good painted up! I think this guy will be my second entry in the Paint Excuses Winter Wonderland Single Miniature category.

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@MonkeySloth: I just figured I got him finished and I feel like he has some potential. If it would be better (that way I'm not taking up so much real estate, since I just realized I have a lot of entries), I could just replace my Shoatima entry with this guy. I think he's a much better piece, overall!


@captenglish, Wow, thank you. That's incredibly cool to hear!

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