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60129: Chelaxian Infernal Binder (Ororo)


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Stop pinching Ororo! She's a respectable woman!


Well, there was the whole Morlocks/mohawk thing, but still.


Thanks for the nice words everyone, it means a lot to me as I struggle to improve. This one is going to be an important mini in my collection, the first time I came really close to executing the vision I had for the model. Foxfire, the RPG contest was the inspiration and reason for painting it :) Thanks RPG!

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Not into latex, eh? :devil:

Not personally, however looking at reference from when I have tried to render it on minis suggests that those specular highlights are off.


It's like you have a single light source that is only reflecting on the breasts in those 2 spots... It's hard to describe.

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Wow that NMM gold is amazing. You're 2 for 2 and cannot complain anymore when I mention how good you are.

I took what worked on Anduriel and tried to improve on that. It's a work in progress, so to speak. But I agree I'm improving. Still quite a few rough spots and some bad angles. But it mostly works :)


Great rendition! What's the recipe for the skin tone--that's excellent!

Just the dark skin triad taken up just a bit lighter for the highlights by adding some Linen White to the Dark Highlight. It's a pretty subtle effect, next time I'll start a bit darker before working through the triad. I was also torn for highlighting it because African-American skin can have a sheen to it that Caucasian skin doesn't, I decided not to mess with that.

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