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Infinity Minis

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Lol normally I don't look in the scifi section, but I just happen to see the latest post was infinity. And I have to agree the models are great, easy to clean but a pain to put together. The Caskuda is a great model in small games:) it seems to scare people when it drops on them and goes boom.

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Pics? I'd like to see some more nice Reaper proxies. So far I found 2 girls from Chronoscope for Nomad Clockmaker/Moderator Hacker, and an Oxidation Beast as an Exrah Sensor Drone :)


Here's a starter from my Chronoscope as GI Joe thread:



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Infinity: the game you want to play, but no one else does!!! :down:

I have three different cities i tap for game-play resources. and not a single ******* one has another Infinity player, unless you count those "yeah i'll do it" (and never does) types. Alex, i'm looking at you.


This game has very kick arse mini's though i MUST point 2 things out:


------What's with 90% of female figs beign a hip swaying model-wannabee or a booty shot?

------The game rules are more complex that DnD 3.0's fight rules, and are written in 9 point font.... i can do, but others find that scarey...



otherwise, i'd Yu Jing all the way. :B):

and oddly, not the Japanese sub-divbision. (i own Musashi and a Ninja)

the ordinary Chinese types stack up to some pretty interesting elites and models...

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@1. Animesexy-rules. And where exactly do you have booty shots in ISS? It's not Bakunin :V

@2. Get the official unofficial rulebook re-edit, it's much learer and easier to read. And arranged in a logical order.


The ISS has a problem of too versatile (= too expensive) models in the form of Imperial Agents and the Hsien. OTOH, it has plenty of MSV2 and drones.

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Oh, and sorry Inner Geek for hijacking your thread. Just seemed to have knowledge of the game here......


No problem, it can be the defacto Infinity thread ^_^


There is already one, it just hasn't seen any action in a while lol! :poke:



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