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Hello, everyone! I'm working on a conversion of 02813: Reaper - War's.




War looks pretty big though, and I don't want the axe look ridiculously out of scale. If it's a little big, that's fine, because Thelgar's going to represent a barbarian PC in our weekly game.


Is War to scale with other Dark Haven minis? Thanks!

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War's a bit larger than your average 28mm mini, but not that much bigger than Thelgar. I don't happen to have War around to make an accurate comparison.

Although the head of War's axe is probably about the same size as the head of Thelgar's axe, the haft of the weapon isn't going to be nearly as long - are you going to put it in just one of Thelgar's hands or both? The haft of War's axe isn't going to be long enough to fit into both of Thelgar's hands. You could, however, swap out the axe heads.


EDIT: Sounds like War's axe might be a bit too big....

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Thanks, guys!


Haldir, I get an error message when I click on your photos. It looksl like they're there, but I can't get to them. I'd like to take a look, 'cause I think they'd answer my question. I have a Dropbox account, but my inner Luddite is acting up.


I am planning to put it in just his right hand, but probably add a different haft anyway, or combine a longer haft with the one on War's axe. What I have in mind is a "big honker of a great axe", but big within the realm of still looking somewhat reasonable, even considering the enormous relative sizes of the weapons most minis are packin'.

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I got an Error 403 on both of those links Haldir.


I don't own either mini, but it might work if you're simply changing axe heads (ie: Thelgar to War).


link to Thelgar's axe http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/P03197B_w_1.jpg


link to War's axe http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/P02813B_w_1.jpg

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Yep. I'm planning to lose the two-handed grip and put the axe in his right hand only, with his hand just below the head. Even though a great axe is a two-handed weapon in Pathfinder, I'm not worried about the pose reflecting that.


Looking at the Boneyard pics, which I didn't think of doing before (thanks, Brother Jim), I think the size will be just fine.


Thanks, everyone!

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I got an Error 403 on both of those links Haldir.


I don't own either mini, but it might work if you're simply changing axe heads (ie: Thelgar to War).


link to Thelgar's axe http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/P03197B_w_1.jpg


link to War's axe http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/P02813B_w_1.jpg


Someone thought it would be cute to host those via dropbox :p you have to log into drop box to view so I would suggest against this method of hosting images.

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Actually I measured Thelgar's axe & forgot to put that up. It's about half the size of War's axe. So take that in consideration.



Try this:




(suppose to be the axe with mm ruler)


& this is the axe/arm & Thelgar next to each other (sorry for the angle ha ha)



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