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Under 2 weeks to go!!! (revised.again)


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Days like the ones we've been having the last few days, kinda make the waiting period go by slow. It's been in the upper 50s, tips into 60s.


Plus with my company being sold & brought back into the Albertson's name fully (which is a good thing, no more SuperValu!!!). Kinda of stressful at work lately.


Kinda glad the RCon is in April this year, ha ha.

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I think that is what is gonna feel odd the most & one reason I decided to come back one more time. Kinda wanted to see the "new" Reaper with the Bones & such + hey RCon is a great time anyways.


Still gonna try & make this one memorable as it'll be my last one, for awhile anyways.



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Anyone done yet?? huh? huh? :devil::devil::devil:


2 weeks to go!


& I'm not done yet with my games prepping. Well at least one thing didn't change, not done early like I said I wanted to be.....


oh well. I guess that is part of the fun/excitement of RCon!!

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The only thing I HAVE to do yet is base my contest entry. The painting is pretty much done. Then I need to start organizing myself so I don't forget anything. I'm still trying to decide if I should pack a Warlord force. I'm taking classes every day, so I doubt I'll have any time for play at the Hilton.


I also have to get the Rav4 serviced before I leave yet. It's a long drive, I'm sure fresh oil would be good.



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I'm still not entirely clear on how the contest works, but I figure I'll bring a few of my better-painted minis and enter them.


That's the spirit!

Rules are here:



(both are linked from http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43664-master-series-paint-open/)


Speaking as a judge in the contest and trying to demystify it ...


The main principle of the Open system of judging is that your entries will be judged against a standard of excellence, not necessarily against other painters' entries.

Into each category (Open, Painters, and/or Ordnance), you can submit as many entries as you want. Each of your entries can go into one category.

An entry can be a single figure, a diorama, a vehicle, etc.). Figures from all manufacturers are acceptable, not just Reaper.

You will get an award for the best entry in each category -- see below -- so you can choose the one you think is best, or maybe your top 3 if you can't decide. There is no limit, but entering 10 figures that show a similar level of ability will still get you the same award as if you had entered just one of them.

The volunteers working at the submission desk can help you decide how to assign your entries.

The judging will occur on Friday night, using teams of 3 judges.

If you have more than one entry in a category, the judges will choose the one entry that they agree is the best -- but without talking about scores with each other, just something like "Entry A has a more interesting use of color, but Entry B has much smoother blends and attention to detail, so I would rate B as better than A."

Rarely, the judges may reassign one of your entries from one category to another, if the reassignment would help you. For example, if you entered a figure into the Painters category that and it had an amazing conversion or scratch-sculpting but the painting was a little rough, the judges might decide that the entry could win a higher award using the standards for the Open category than it would using the standards for the Painters category.

Then the judges will individually decide what score to give to your one "best" entry in each category, using their standards for work that deserves a Certificate (a score of 1), Bronze Medal (2), Silver Medal (3), or Gold Medal (4).

Sometimes the judges enter the contest, so they recuse themselves from scoring their entries. The other 2 judges from their team, plus an alternate judge, give their scores.

The judges' assistant tallies the results from the 3 judges.

At the awards ceremony, you get an award based on your total score.

Later, the judges' score-sheets will be available for all to see, so you can see what score each judge gave you, and then you can ask the judges why they gave you that score -- including advice for what you did well and how you can improve.


And besides the contest, you can talk to lots of people and look at lots of painted minis to get inspiration and critiques.


See you there!


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As far as I know there is no limited availability of tickets for the Con itself at the door. The only limit is availability of classes. I'm probably wrong, and someone will correct me momentarily.

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As far as I know there is no limited availability of tickets for the Con itself at the door. The only limit is availability of classes. I'm probably wrong, and someone will correct me momentarily.

I think (and hope) you are right. But, I live by the code, anything that can go wrong, probably will!

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