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Very nice work.

I especially like the overall posture and confident attitude, the detailing on the front, and the face and mustache.


Three things to improve:

1. The drapery at the back of the cloak doesn't convince me, mainly in the way the hanging (catenary?) shapes meet the vertical undulations in the middle, at his lower back / butt. Depending on the material the cape is made of (light silk to heavy wool, or something in between), the cape might not make such pronounced folds and undulations anyway. Also, the edges become indistinct below his elbows. If I were sculpting the cloak myself, I would probably ask a friend to model a towel or folded-bedsheet "cape", and take some photos for reference on the shapes the folds would take.

2. The right ear looks a little blocky and sticks out too much from his head at the front. On future figures, try smoothing the front edge of the putty into the temples a little more. You could take a sharp knife to this figure's ears and make some fine adjustments by scraping or cutting.

3. The right forearm appears to bend too much. The top surface of the sleeve should be pretty straight, with just a slight curve from the forearm underneath, while the lower surface could hang away from the forearm a bit. You could fix this just by adding some putty to the top of the forearm, which would straighten the apparent curve.


Keep it going! I look forward to seeing your next one.



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