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I Failed My Saving Throw vs Cone of Cold

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So, my dwarf looks like she got blasted by Takhisimat's white dragon head for a handful of d6's.




I sprayed it with some matte sealer from The Armory and she frosted right up. It's been about 20 hours and it hasn't cleared at all. I did a search and read that applying some gloss sealant then re-applying matte sealer may fix this.


Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Yep. Delicious frosting (do not actually attempt to eat delicious frosting, it's not really delicious) has occured for me under the following circumstances:


1. Too hot

2. Too cold

3. Too humid

4. Spray can too far from mini

5. Spray can too close to mini

6. Undersealer not quite fully dry

7. Dullcote just felt like it


I only spray now when I can get outside, it's not raining, it's not humid, it's about 18-24 degrees C, it's not windy, there's no dust. This works out to less than ten good days a year for it. I save my minis up for The Great Coating.


That's with Testor's Dullcote. Your brand may have its own special circumstances.

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I know we had something from the Armory that I hated using, pretty sure it was the dullcoat. Testors is still the bestors, IMO. Even with Testors, though, you have to be careful; I don't notice as much down time as Buglips describes, but dullcoat is finicky stuff.


The problem I see most often is this.kind of frosting when it is too cold. I just sprayed the other day in about fifty-degree weather and was relieved to have no problems. I prefer to be between 60-80, although humidity becomes a problem above 70 or so. YMMV.

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Looks like I need to do a bit of shopping, thanks for the recommendations everyone.


Is this the stuff?




Or this?





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I have some Testors Dullcoat but haven't used it yet. I had planned to use it in my basement studio (professionally ventilated). In the winter it rarely gets warmer than 16 degrees and is pretty dry and in the summer it is generally 20 degrees and a touch humid.


Has anyone got a brush-on matte finish they can recommend?

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I just want to note that I used the Armory's spray for years, all year round and never had a problem. When the frosting occurred I had used a new can. I thought maybe it was aged stock and looked for a date on it, then I pulled the empty can out of the garbage to check it and noticed that there was a difference in the listed contents.



After that bad experience with their new formula I stopped using their sealer.

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I have had frosting with GW, testors, and armory always when I apply a thick coat. Now I use only testors and krylon clear matte and apply a very thin coat. I mean very thin coat. I coat so thin you could brush your teeth with it!. And I apply multiple coats just to avoid any buildup....


Thanks my two cents worth and I hope it helps.

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Pingo, sounds like you have pretty optimal conditions, unless I'm totally misremembering Celsius after so many years away. Testors Dullcote isn't that touchy. I mean you don't want to do it when it's humid or rainy or what have you, but I live in a super humid place and I manage to get it done in the basement or on the porch on good days. Another element is to spray lightly and do multiple coats.


Or if your minis aren't going to be handled much, don't bother with it at all. I don't coat display minis unless a customer requests it.

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