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Things to know for the ReaperCon Competition

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Hey, all,


I had a few questions pertaining to a mini I'm painting up for the Reaper Open competition. This is my first competition, so I'm not expecting to blow away the competition, I just want to give it a shot and paint a mini to the best of my ability. A few questions, though, that I'm hoping I could get some help on.


1) I've read the ReaperCon open rules, and it looks like you just bring the mini to the competition and sign it up there. Have I missed anything?

2) Is it generally considered good or bad form to post work-in-progress shots around here (in the appropriate forum) for competition minis? I'd definitely like the feedback, but I don't know if people generally try to keep their projects a secret. (I'm not likely to be using any super-secret techniques that need hiding from the eyes of the world, of course.)

3) Do you seal competition minis? I'd be worried about ruining a nice paint job, and they're not really going to be handled much, yes?



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1. Yes. The deadline is on Friday and you must deliver your mini in person.

2. People tend to keep it secret, but some share, or post teasers. Your choice, really. There's no rule against it.

3. Up to you. Sealing the figure can have subtle effects on colors, just so you're aware. I once had lovely subtle shading on a staff vanish under gloss, but I still prefer to seal my figures.

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I find that applying any kind of varnish either gloss or matte will tend to kill the shading. Most of the high end painters do not seal their miniatures because they are mostly for display.


Judging has the potential to be hazardous to a mini. Judges do pick up miniatures to look at them more closely. Please make sure that if you put your miniature on a plinth of some kind that it is securely fastened to the plinth. If you give me a handle like that I will pick it up with said convenient handle. There was not one but two miniatures at last years competition that were just resting on plinths that were used to display them. At least one of those miniatures left the show broken.

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You can post WIP pictures. You can even enter figures that you've entered in other contests! Once something has been entered into the ReaperCon contest, you can't enter that item there again.


Multiple entries are welcome. If you enter two or three that fit into the same category, the judges will decide which of those is the best of your work and judge that. This is very nice for those of us who are indecisive!


Also I suspect you saw it in the rules, but entries are not confined to Reaper-produced figures, you can bring anything you've worked on.

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