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Here are my next two minis, Wood Elf Archer in Chainmail w/ Plates and Wood Elf Noble Lady in Traveling Clothes from Thunderbolt Mountain. They're 30mm but they are very small so this is probably gonna take a while.


Here they are primed (I see I missed a spot):




I'm anxious to see if I can paint their teeny tiny details, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Here is the base coat on the noble lady.


Paints are MSP

Skin: Tanned Skin

Hair: Walnut Brown

Dress: Moldy Skin

Gloves: Pale Lichen

Leggings: Creamy Ivory

Boots: Russet Brown

Cloak: Ashen Blue

Lacey Collar/Belt/Bust Support String: Linen White


Lighting really drowned out the color on the leggings and gloves, the gloves are a bit darker me the leggings have a sort of yellow/cream hue.


Oh yeah, I emailed Thunderbolt Mountain and am getting a sprue with a couple Elven bows and quivers, so I can arm this mini (instead of using the supplied goblet, book, harp flowers sprue). Only 50 cents for two bows or two quivers. Of course this means I had to order more wood elves to justify the shipping cost.


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I have a few of these for a few years. They are TINY. Good Luck, I will be watching.

They certainly are! Here is the elf next to a Bones Orc Swordsman:




Heh, the colors look better in this photo.

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Shading and highlighting on the leggings and dress. I'm not happy with it so ill try to make it smoother or something.



Dark: Stained Ivory

Mid: Creamy Ivory

High: Creamy Ivory and Linen White



Dark: Ghoul Skin

Mid: Moldy Skin

High: Bloodless Skin

Highlight: Bloodless Skin and Linen White



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Started the wood elf archer's metal armor.


I washed the chain mail a couple times with red stone shadow then dry brushed it with coppery orange. The photo looks kind of blotchy but in hand it looks pretty even.


For the plates and helm, I painted it with old bronze then with some clear green, and then a thin coat of old bronze again. I finished it up with a dry brush of coppery orange. When you look directly at the bronze it looks normal, but when I rotate the figure you can see the faintest bit of green showing through. I think it looks kind of neat.




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More base coating.


Boots: Oiled Leather

Pants: Green Ochre

Coat: Olive Green

Hood: Olive Drab

Bow: Golden Highlight

Gloves: Dark Highlights

Shirt: Creamy Ivory




Did a little shading on the boots too. Picture is dark because I forgot to put my white balance Bones Orc next to him.


While painting the coat with olive green my hand twitched out and flung paint all over his face. I did emergency washing with water and soaked most of it off, I'm just glad I hadn't done the eyes yet.

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Wood Elf Archer complete.


Shading was done with triad colors off the base coat colors (I base with mid tones). I started with a shadow glaze then shaded with pure shadow after the glaze was built up a bit and topped it with the highlight color.





Thanks for looking.

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      My only other problem here was trying to figure out the colors, but hopefully what I eventually chosen doesn't clash.
      Anyhoos, enjoy!
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