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Keeping the Painting Bug Alive


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Wow - lots of replies and great ideas for keeping motivated! Thanks a lot people! It is nice to know I'm not the only one to experience this on occasion. This past dry spell wasn't even my longest by a wide margin - that would have been the 10 year dry spell I had before! Of course I had picked up a new hobby in the that time and spent way too much time and money on it.

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So what are your ways of keeping the painting spark alive and the creative juices flowing. I recently had about a 2 month dry spell where I literally painted nothing. Even my wife asked if I was OK as I had been painting every night for months up until that point. I'm not really sure why the 'spark' died out in my case but I do know what rekindled it at least - a move into my new hobby/reading/mancave! Having my own space in the house to do painting, listen to music or whatever has helped tremendously. Technically I share the space with my wife's knitting and book collection but she tends to like to knit/crochet while watching movies or anime so really the space is pretty much all mine!


So has anyone else had a dry spell like that? How long did it last? What caused it? How did you get out of it?


My life has been going through some major changes over the last year and a half and it has drastically affected my painting productivity, my general attitude and my spare time. At first I beat myself up alot for not getting any "work" done, but over the last few months I've just accepted that my life needs to be allowed to settle and lately it has been and I've been getting back to the table more and painting some things I enjoy.


Time and patience with myself is what I needed. :)



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