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White Wolf Publishing is done


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Hello, once again.


Well, i find myself often too busy to post on just any random topic...(and i'm serious about my signature tag...) but i came across some news that is likley old to most of you, but new to me...


White Wolf Publishing will no longer be producing RPG games.

they are essentially just a developer branch of CCP now.


Onyx Path took over their big liscences, but they are doing it through Drive Thru RPG...


give me a moment:


The White Wolf games are what really made a gamer out of me. I played two campaigns of ADnD, and they didn't do it for me. But i was then invited to a Werewolf the Apocalypse campaign by my bud Dedros, back in 1996...the tribalism, the level of intensity, and the high-end customization combined with the strange 'Conspiracy and Dark Gods' feel of the meta made me hooked. When i ran ADnD campaigns...i took that storytelling and smart-world design concept and brough tit with me.


"too bad about new WOD, eh?"

yeah, this would be harsher news had WW not pulled that little trick...



this company, despite it's flaws, did me well....

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Well, Onyx Path is made up of a bunch of the WoD guys and they are now producing content for both NWoD and OWoD, so I'd say things are still bright. I own the Vampire 20th anniversary edition, kickstarted the companion (which sucked) and have heard great things about the Children of the Revolution. Hunters Hunted 2 is actually still be Kickstarted with 18 hours left! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/deluxe-hunters-hunted-ii?ref=live

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The Mind's Eye Theater has also been bought by some old writers for White wolf as well and they are gong to be re-releasing them with updates. They have a FB page started By Night Studios. Which is making me itch for Vampire the Masquerade again as well as Werewolf.


http://www.facebook.com/ByNightStudios Hope that link works.....

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I felt much the same way when TSR ceased to be a thing.




And Avalon Hill's passing did the same for me on boardgaming.


Sigh. This, too, must pass...

Avalon Hill? Really they were just absorbed, like TSR, into the entity that is Hasbro. Really the 800 pound Gorilla of boardgaming was SPI.

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On 2013-02-23 at 9:46 AM, Heisler said:

Avalon Hill? Really they were just absorbed, like TSR, into the entity that is Hasbro. Really the 800 pound Gorilla of boardgaming was SPI.


But, SPI was absorbed by TSR . . .


The Egg

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16 minutes ago, Egg of Coot said:


But, SPI was absorbed by TSR . . .


The Egg


 True but all they did was publish a couple of games that were basically already in the printers hands and publish S&T till they could sell it off. They never reprinted any of the old SPI games or developed any new ones. Hasebro has done slightly better with AH but for all intents and purposes they are both gone. TSR at least still lives on in spirit as D&D continues to be published in one form or another.

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Well, SPI was absorbed by TSR in payment for a bill. TSR loaned SPI money, and when they couldn't pay, that was it.

It is my understanding that the situation where WotC absorbed TSR was actually pretty similar. 

It irks me that Avalon Hill's amazing catalog of excellent historical wargames isn't available, though. Just Betrayal At House On The Hill and a few others, to my knowledge. The age of counter and dice and hexboard is no more.

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