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Mythos Foundry - Giant Cthulhu + Giant Penguin


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Well, shoot. I was looking forward to seeing a Trollcast figure in person. I received my Wilbur Whateley figure today and it's metal.


Mythos Foundry 7 minutes ago

Sorry Joe. The original plan was to have them all be TrollForged except for the metal medallion. A couple of months ago I met the local caster that I am using now. That, and with Ed's schedule with some of his other clients I felt that this would be the best option to get these done quicker. Plus I get the added benefit of quality control being just an hours drive away instead of 24 hours. ;)

The Trollcast Medallion will now be resin and I'll be casting them myself along with the ghoul bust. I'll also be casting the resin Great Cthulhu, which I'll start molding Monday (I'll take pictures and post them here beforehand). Ed is still casting the Trollcast Great Cthulhu and I'll be shipping the parts off to him as soon as I've finished my set of molds.


I'm sure it was the right business move for them. I'm just not interested in metal. Oh well.

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How can anyone have an extra of a figure that hasn't been delivered yet? Every time I ask about a delivery date on the Big C in Trollcast it's also silence.


Someone must have ordered multiple copies of the fig that they won't require. They needn't have been delivered to their owners to be considered surplus.


The Egg

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