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02608: Tyden, Barbarian


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Err...no. The student has become...well, the student with a couple more tricks in his bag. :rock:


Forgot to mention for the hair I again used the red hair triad. Base of Auburn Shadow washed with a 2:1 Walnut:Russet. Then up through the triad. Lost my Blonde Shadow (found it under the desk when I was plugging in the lamp for pics) so I mixed Blonde Hair with the redhead highlight and I think I did blonde highlight for the points.

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    • By Sophie was taken
      Learn to Paint Kit 3:
      When these kits were still being sold, it was suggested that this one be attempted last, even though it is #3. So now, having done the rest, it’s time to get down to business. 

      Look at all these paints! There’s even a bottle of the brush-on sealer that everyone keeps taking about. I’m excited! Fresh brushes too!

      The minis are Anduriel Brightflame, Elven Warrior and Tyden, Female Barbarian. A bit of flashing and some non-Euclidean geometry happening to their weapons, but that’s nothing unusual. I’m impressed by the details on these minis, Anduriel in particular has a lot going on.
      Now to take a look at the instructions, see what this Non-Metallic Metal is all about.
      Okay. I see why it was recommended to wait on this one. Did I say excited? I meant terrified.
      Ah well, no sense delaying the inevitable, time to prep and practice. I hope it’s interesting at least.
    • By Jasonator
      Yes - It IS a Reaper Mini ! and Not anthropomorphic.
      With all the events happening in the last several weeks, I barely was able to get much painting
      in.  CC Numbers stolen, Bank being bought out and account changes, then finishing off the
      language course all threw me for a loop.  Concentration became quite difficult.
      I am happy to report that the mini has finally been painted to my satisfaction.
      Thanks to our local Barbarian for tracking down one of his relatives for me.  Tyden., Barbarian.
      She is really small, and I had a lot of fun painting her. 
      As always your comments and critiques are greatly  appreciated.
      Blonde hair, bronze "shield"... I almost painted her blue, not much to that female armor !
      Here are a couple of photos.

    • By Marvin
      Dennis Mize's Tyden, Barbarian. I had a lot of fun with this lady.




      Thanks for looking!
    • By CashWiley
      Kit 3 time, finally getting into some NMM! I'm going to start with Anduriel.

      Primed above, and then lined with Walnut Brown:

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