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Young Fire Dragon WIP


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Here's the WIP so far of my first ever dragon, in practice for the Dragon contest & deliver of the whole horde from the KS

The theory was to base yellow, the main areas in red & finish in black.... in practice though...


1) DSCF0001_zpsfd03dcb9.jpg


A drop of yellow in the Reaper primer (the other minis I was working on patching up and Matte coating while i was waiting..)


2) DSCF0015_zps8f7d44a8.jpg


I dry brushed black over the scales, and added black to the wings, then tried to wash red ink over the top (some pics in the background for inspiration ;) )


3) DSCF0024_zpsdb93e396.jpg


My attempt at a recovery, with a proper coat of red....


I hope to get back this weekend to work on him more, any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated ;) mainly I'll be attempting to fix/straighten up my black hand work :(


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I like the idea here, but your problem is that black is usually best reserved for shadows. In general, until you really have color theory down to perfection, it's safest to have the darkest colors in the deepest recesses and the lightest colors on the peaks, so you really did this backward. Next time, try basecoating in red, doing a dark (I'd suggest a warm dark brown, like Reaper's Walnut Brown, instead of black, but that's your call) wash, and highlighting in yellow. It'll look more natural, since in the real world, the darkest areas are the shadowed ones, not the reverse.

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I understand what you're saying, but my backwards colour selection is on purpose, as this is a fire dragon, and fire's are white-est at the core, then yellow etc till black where it's coolest, the thin skin of the wings should be the coolest.


I know there's little chance of be dropping white/yellow back into the recesses, so I shall have to come up with a plausible reason story wise ;); OR i just dip it in simple green and hope SG works on bones without being hungry...

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After much frustration, I dipped the dragon & shall revert to a more traditional colour set... after 3 days in SG, and even buying a ultrasonic cleaner, my undercoat still hangs on not to mention points of colour between the wings where a toothbrush has trouble getting to.


Being Good Friday this week & our DnD session being cancelled for said Friday, I think there might be hope for more work on the dragon

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Ding ding...


Round 2 =D


Sorry for the lighting on the second two pics (Loving my new Nikon D3100 though :D )




A wash of Ruby Red & Carnage Red..




Added an Carrottop Red wash




Added Polished Bone to the horn, claws & spikes

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