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It's slightly larger than a mini both in height and width but not by much , I'll take another photo with a mini when I get home.


Yes it is double sided, and will open and close when finished.


If I made the door frame and door only 1" you would not be able to move a mini through the opening and that's what I was trying to avoid. All the doors I've seen are freakishly small compared to the miniatures on the table. I'm making terrain that will actually suit the figures.

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That is cool. Actually the size does work well. I understand what you men by "small" doors they fit the square but look funny compared to miniature scales. Looking forward to see the frame. Have you thought about simple customisation maybe with door hinges, metal bars, grate window, knockers etc?

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Modularity has more than crossed my mind, and many customization option will be available as my sculpts progress. I'm not gonna stop at doors and simple pieces either, I intend to delve into the miniature world as well once I get enough practice on simpler pieces , ill take that jump , and if it goes well you will see these sculpts in my ks in the future. I've already obtained about half of the equipment and materials that I need to begin making molds and casting, and my progress will be updated here as often as possible

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