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CAV 1 & 2 Data Cards

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Can anyone tell me where to find missing Data Cards for CAV 1 & 2? I have created an Excel spreadsheet comparing CAV 1 & 2 Data Card availability and neither has a complete set. In one instance the Genomic CAV does not have Data for either 1 or 2. Also is there a way to create our own Data Cards for both rules versions? Thank you in advance for any assistance in this matter.

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I am sorry to announce the end of cavcomcon. I did a little hunting and found the owner and contacted him and this is what he had to say:



Thanks for your interest in cavcomcon. Unfortunately the software needed to run it was old and had several security vulnerabilities. I had to either take the site down or put the time into fixing it. In the end I decided that there were only a couple of people using it and only 1 person had ever donated money for it. I haven't played CAV myself for a couple of years and have other projects I want to work on, so I took it down.
The code is open source and you are welcome to take the code and make your own site with it if you choose.
So, if anyone has the knowledge to put up a web site, here is his e-mail address: [email protected]
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RAGE Chronicles I have been through and every other down load I could find. To date I show 25 miniatures lack Data for CAV 1 and 23 miniatures lack Data for CAV 2. Of both groups, 21 are over lapping and not usable for CAV at all, so the only other option I see is the suggestion of Sgt Crunch, on my JoR 3 thread and modify the Data of other CAVs that are close as possible to the CAVs in question, or the easy way out and just not buy the CAVs, without Data Card info, unfortunately.

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As an aside, the Excel spread sheet I am working on, if anyone wants it and I find a place to upload it, will contain the following:



Original Item Number

New Item Number (if any)


Point Value

Type (CAV, Personnel, Vehicle, etc.)

Function (Recon, Attack, etc.)

Height in inches (not counting the base)

Height in feet at 1/160 (N-scale)


What document the stats can be found in (all CAVs will have a separate line if they have multiple, different point values)


Anything else anyone can think of?

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Okay, it is finally done(?) I have a Master CAV list ready to go, I have checked it several times, but that does not mean I may have over looked something. The list is not complete, of course. I have compiled all data I could find to date, if I find more then I will put out another update. The list is divided by CAV1 rules (upper) and CAV2 rules (lower). You will find CAVs without Data Cards and Data Cards without CAVs. Anyone with more info on these, let me know. Of the CAVs without Data Cards, I only have the Gnomic, so that is why it is the only one I put a height to of the ones without heights. I was thinking of including a column with Reaper's prices if so desired. The document is in Excel, xls format, so it is compatible back to Windows 2000 Professional, if you have a problem with the newest version of Windows, I can convert it to the newest format, if so desired. So if anyone would like a copy, send me an e-mail with the subject: "Master CAV List" to usofa3 at juno dot com and I will be glad to send you a copy.

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Greetings; Well Version 3 of the Master CAV List and cross reference chart is available. This version had house keeping maintenance accomplished. Also this version has the future CAV:SO sheet added and for all CAV miniatures their respective images were added. Anyone who desires a copy send me an e-mail with the subject: Master CAV List, and I will send you a copy. Stay tuned for further updates. [email protected]

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Greetings, once again;


Version 4 of the Master CAV list and cross reference chart is now ready. Minor errors were corrected, the Factions were color coded mostly based upon what I found in JoR 1. A column was added with the Reaper prices so you can get an idea of what your Defense Budget will run you. Those who received earlier versions will be automatically updated. As before, anyone desiring a copy send me an e-mail with the subject: Master CAV List , to [email protected]



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