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Is it ok just to use matte sealer alone?


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...The reason many painters use gloss first is matte sealers tend to be enamel\alcohol based and this can mess up blending--especially thin glazes. If you're not trying to do fine blending then it doesn't matter. If you are and your matte is water or acrylic based then you'll be fine as well...

Is this why my minis look a little faded/duller after they're sealed with matte spray?
Glossy varnish was originally developed as a way to make painting colors look brighter and deeper. It's pure optics. A matte surface microscopically scatters the color, making it look less concentrated and a little faded. You cannot get a black as deep in matte as you can in gloss.


Won't the hardness of gloss make the glosscoat break when the Bones mini flexes?


I'd even be worried about using more than a fine dusting of dulcoat JIC.

I don't know about Testors, but there is nothing inherently brittle in gloss acrylic varnish. Most, in fact, are quite flexible. Edited by Pingo
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I had similar questions when I started not long ago. I opted to go with the gloss, then matte sealer approach. I use Krylon 1305 (gloss acrylic) followed by Krylon 1311 (matte).


My observations:

1) Reaper MSPs dry very matte. After gloss then matte spray, they are still considerably more glossy than before sealing. Sometimes after I've finished both coats, and let it dry for a day or two, I end up going back for a second light coat of matte to further tone down the gloss. If this would bother you, matte only is probably the way to go.

2) I started using this technique for D&D boardgame pieces, where I think it was a requirement, as the priming/painting did not adhere as well to those minis as MSPs do to Bones. I've continued it with Bones, as I don't like the idea of leaving them unsealed. I don't think it's nearly as important though.

3) I've done some flex/bend tests after sealing Bones, and haven't noticed any issues with cracking. In particular, I recently sealed the Bones Ghost, which is extremely flexible, and the sealer works fine.


As a note, I live in Southern California, where a cold day is 45-50 degrees, so it's rare to go more than a few days without ideal conditions outside. If I lived somewhere that actually has winter, I'd probably invest in brush on for winter months.


Please post back with your results with matte only spray, as I will be interested to here how it compares to my gloss/matte approach!

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