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Black Dragon of Fire and Darkness (Brown Desert Dragon)


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Here's another diorama from my archives painted long ago. This one is Ral Partha's Black Dragon of Fire and Darkness painted as a brown desert Dragon. Three Citadel Snotlings are chasing a snake at the back. The base is made of wood covered with carved expanded foam and natural sand.















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Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate.


@Metalchaos. I have to ask. How many of these did you do? All the ones you've posted recently have been well done. Do you still create dioramas?

I did four diorama with dragons. In fact, I did five but the last one doesn't count because I removed the dragon from the base as I didn't like it much. I still need to build a new base for this Ral Partha dragon. I've also build a big Tristram Cathedral based on the original Diablo video game, this one was achieved in 2006.

I have several uncompleted dragons, Niddhogg the Wyrm, T-char Dragon of Flame and Fury, Riding the cold wind to Valhalla, Clutch of fear all from Ral Partha. I also have a small Grenadier black dragon II but most of all Reaper's kaladrax and Cinder.

Yes, I have many diorama project tickling my mind. This week, I started working on Cinder. I probably share my progress in a WIP Forum.


Yeah, these have been great! You're making me want to create dioramas, and that's no mean feat. Nor even a median one.

If you feel like doing a diorama, do it! It's a lot of fun. Forget about the result for now. If you need advice I will gladly share my humble experience.

Everyone as a diffrent style and with practice you will find yours and improve it. You'll be amaze of what you can do if you take the time to focus on your idea. I hope you'll do it!

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Is that aquarium furniture? I love the wings! Great composition!


No , this is not aquarium furniture. For the base, I've built a wood frame and then I covered it with Everbuild fix & fill expanding foam. This polyurethane expanding foam is usually used to fill the gaps around windows. After the foam as harden it can be cut, sawn and paited. I carved it using a craft knife and painted it with acrylics. The trees are pewter trees and the foliage is dyed lichen.

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