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Lawrence Gannu, Wererat (DCC Minis)


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Finished up another mini. This one was a bit better. It helped that it involved a lot of fur. I still suck at shading and highlighting, but it's easier with fur.


This is actually one part of a multi-part set. He also has a human form, and several rat companions.


Also, I have five more sets of him.


Yeah, I'll be coming back to this again sometime.




He came with an integral base, so I just gave that a nice, thin coat of chestnut over the gray primer, used some Citadel camoshade over that, and added a little bit of greenery to represent moss. The moss didn't come out exactly like I wanted. I was hoping to get it into the cracks, so it would look a bit more natural, but it didn't want to cooperate. Alas.




I know what you're thinking. "Jack," you're thinking, "that is the worst looking rat's tail I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of rat's tails over the years." To be fair, the tail is entirely smooth. In hindsight, I probably should have tried scoring it a bit to give it some texture. Maybe next time. That doesn't excuse the piss-poor job of shading. You probably can't even tell that shading occurred, and it took me several coats of repair to get it that far. You should've seen it when I first tried shading it. I cannot blend for beans.




Here you can see the soles of his feet. I gave 'em a nice flesh color to show he was still part human, and then made 'em dirty as heck. He looks a bit like a sasquatch, I think.




Here you can see how I tried to go for some blood dripping from his sword and teeth.




Here's a close-up of Gannu's face. Ugly cuss, isn't he?


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I went ahead and finished up the human version of Gannu this morning.


One issue I had is that the eyes on this guy are tiny. Attempted the Bette Davis Eyes method from The Craft, but my fine control's a little lacking at that scale. Still, it was good practice.


I did some brownlining around the edges of things. As you can tell, I still need to learn to be a little more subtle.




Here we have a rearview of our wererat. The funnest part of this was going over everything with the various shades. Probably could have stood to use some more earthshade. He's not quite as grimy as I was hoping.




I used some more of the old Citadel chestnut ink I bought a while back on the base, with some camoshade over it. Unfortunately, shortly after I finished this, I knocked the bottle over, losing a good portion of it. I am chagrined and full of sorrow.


You'll also notice his rather prominent mold line. In my defense, these DCC minis are like ten percent flash by weight. It took me about an hour to get the two minis cleaned up to the point I had 'em prior to priming.




Here we have the two of them together. His wererat form is a lot nicer in the blue background. I tried black, but he ended up completely washed out.




And another of the two together, so you can see the other side of the rat.

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