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Converting the 03105: Scorpion Man to a Female figure

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I really need to make the Scorpion Man into a female archer (preferably an elf/drow, but I can add the ears if I need to.) I ordered the torso from the Isiri Arachnid Archer figure (14517) but it looks seriously tiny in comparison to the scorpion body. does anybody have any other suggestions? I looked through the Reaper site and I couldn't find anything that seemed right. I'm totally willing to hack a mini in half if I need to - Can anyone suggest something that would be the right scale? It doesn't have to be Reaper, but I don't know a lot of other brands.



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This is something I want to to with the KS driders. remove the elvish body and put another on it, to get a lot of different driders.


I think the size of the women is ok, because women are very often smaller.

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Nah, that torso was just way too tiny. I want this mini to have a lot of presence. I went ahead and ordered the torso off of Shaerileth, the Spider Demoness - which sadly I didn't see the first time. This looks a lot better, even tho I'm going to have to take a jewelry saw to the abdomen to get it at the right angle.


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    • By Nightwing
      Here is the Drider from the Monsters set. I stuck to the suggested color scheme as well as I could. I got a little lazy toward the end. You can see I forgot to do any shading on the bowstring. 
      The original hand and small crossbow were lost, but my friend had a nice replacement that I managed to cluge in there, though the wrist is at a fairly extreme, but not totally unbelievable, angle. 
      I hope you enjoy.

    • By Pingo
      The thread about the Drider and centaur I Frankensteined up from some Reaper and Citadel parts reminded me of this little gem I put together this summer as part of a coterie of Drow.
      I was originally inspired by the Reaper Bones Conversions thread Chaoswolf started, which had some cool examples of substituting Bones torsos on the Bones Dark Elf Arachnid Warriors. Since Bones are so easy to cut and carve up and glue together, I thought I'd give it a try.
      So this is the spider body from Reaper #77182, Arachnid Archer, and the upper half of #77057, Juliette, Female Sorceress. I carved her carefully to leave a peg for the spider body, and I've carved out little sockets on the spider body for the bags and flasks around her waist.


      This is a dry fitting, where you can see the way the two pieces more or less fit together under the waist:

      Here she is glued. I used epoxy (I know, I know, but I like its space-filling qualities). I left it thin on the back of her torso and added another layer once it had dried, let it get to the gloopy sticky phase, and carved some striations in it with a bamboo skewer to match the hairiness of the spider body.


      Here she is primed with Reaper Brown Liner, ready to paint:




    • By Pingo
      More Stuff I did on Summer Vacation.
      PingosHusband gave me a set of Citadel "Sisters of the Thorn", female wood elves riding what are supposed to be deer, I think (although they have solid hooves and their antlers attach weirdly). Anyhow, they look pretty cool. The set also could make up some hunky shirtless male riders in creepy antlered masks, and I ended up making one of those along with four of the females.
      And then there were parts left over.
      Sooo ...  I had enough to make one more full male torso and one female torso lacking hair (and three male torsos that need hair and right arms, but that's a project for another day ...).
      Well, what can you do with a torso?
      Obviously, make centaurs (horse or spider) out of them. I lugged out my bin o' Bones and found 77264: Female Centaur sculpted by Sandra Garrity (There's a male centaur too, but interestingly the female "horse" part is larger and more robust than the male.) and 77182: Arachnid Archer sculpted by Gene van Horne.
      I ruthlessly sliced off the human torso from the centaur and used a pin because I'm not sure how well epoxy adheres to Bones.

      I carved the waist of the spider body a little to fit the elf torso, but I didn't take pictures of that. This is the figure fitted in but not yet glued. There wasn't any hair for this torso, so her face is only a hollow mask glued to the neck at a tiny contact point at the back of the chin, fragile and just a little creepy.

      I mixed up some epoxy and drizzled little comma-shapes onto parchment paper, let them dry, and peeled them off. Then I mixed more epoxy and blobbed it into the back of the elf's skull and added dried epoxy commas until it looked more or less like hair.

      Here are the two of them done:



    • By Pingo
      This was a diorama entry in the Crystal Brush competition at Adepticon last month. 
      (The Adepticon 2018 picture thread is here, new images still being added.)
      Does anyone recognize the spider-centaur queen figure at the top? Someone asked me what mini it was and I couldn’t answer.

    • By Geoff Davis
      77337: Giant Scorpion (Bones Version) by Bob Ridolfi

      This poor guy was only half painted when he got used in a D&D Game, without a base.  I'm very ashamed that I did that to him.  But now he has a base and is much happier.  If anyone asks, he is a special genetic mutant scorpion which has different colours on its two halves.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I definitely didn't get tired of shading him and dump on my shelf of shame, oh no, never.  40 projects left on my shelf of shame. 


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