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My MassiveMiniPaintingProject


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Hi guys, I did some practice painting in preparation for the Bones we're getting soon. It's been over 30 years since I've painted any so bear with me and try not to pick on this old geezer TOO much, okay? ;-)

I've posted a LOT more on my FB page and feel free to check them out there (from start to finished). I made a photo 'album' for each mini as well as 'Completed Minis, 'Showcase', etc.

I'm sure you can pick out the 3 Reapers (from Learn To Paint kits) in this group shot. Most of the rest are vintage Grenadier (c. 1980) Woodland Adventurers Box set (#5003) I painted for one of my oldest friends to practice layering, shading and techniques. On some I used images on my monitor for background as well as back-lighting.

Without further ado:






These last 3 are the first 3 I painted in over 30 years.




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Is that an armored bear?


Awesome stuff, man.


Yep, My buddy is an EQ2 addict. I got him hooked on EQ1 and he went the distance? ;)

The bear is the 'Dire Bear' mini they gave with a collector's box set of one of the expansions I believe?

It's a lot newer than the others I painted for him. I tried to capture the grizzly feel of a blighted bear. Still working on technique


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The minis seemed virtually without detail when I first looked at them and as I basecoated and stared at them (long enough?) the details seemed to appear from nowhere so I went with it.

I kept at them until I felt I breathed life into them and they seemed lifelike. I zoomed in far more than the human eye and I feel they look FAR better as you look at them than in the zoomed in images but I wanted to share the faults and failings as well as techniques that accentuated and brought out the high points for other painters to appreciate and learn from my mistakes. That is why I did all the staging shots instead of just finished work. I hope it helps others. That was the point of my posting images in the first place. To document the journey and pass along how EASY it really is to paint miniatures> Of course, I'm in my fifties so my eyesight isn't what it was when I was younger. The 8X optics magnifying light I use allows me to see the details I miss otherwise. ;)

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