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10014, Cinder the Red Dragon WIP


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Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm happy with the positive feedback about the additional horns. And, thanks for the proposition Corporea, it’s also a nice idea. I'll go with set number two, still I don't know from where these horns come from.

I've been busy working on the feet, and I have to be honest, this was not an easy task. It was hard to get the legs align with the feet, mainly because I wanted to have them at an angle.





So, after drilling, sawing, boring, adjusting, screwing, changing screws because the first ones were too long and after chamfering the holes I'll use to secure the model on its base, it's done. I decided to use a different set of screw to secure the model on it's base. This way I will not have to fix the dragon to the base right away and it will be easier to paint under part

















I also countersinked the holes so that the screw will be embedded. This way, the surface in contact with the future base will be maximal and the it will be easier to cover the screw after fixing the model on its base.







A crack appeared between the scales of the right leg when I screwed the foot. I will still need to patch this crack and all the gaps with green stuff. Here's the result so far.









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Slowly but surely, I'm assembling the pieces together, one at a time every 24h. I had to remove its left arm because the epoxy did not set even after 48h, maybe I didn't add enough hardener. It should be better this time. While it cures I'm assembling my Chimeric Aberration.




I've found very interesting pictures while looking for color inspiration on the Net. These Red Dragon Fish are called Arowana "Scleropages legendrei".





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Man!! And I thought I liked to chop minis up and pin them back together. I tip my cap to you sir. Looking great so far.


Think the second set of horns are from this guy.

Thanks for the link to the Gargoyle, I knew I had seen these horns somewhere.


Here’s my progress for the weekend. After all the green stuff patches were hard enough, I washed the entire Dragon with water and soap using a toothbrush. It’s now all shinny and ready to be primed / base coated.





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I’ve started to painting Cinder… in fact, I’m looking for a new name for the Dragon, I’m open for suggestions, any explosive idea?

Here’s the result so far, a very smooth layer of pure red. I first applied a white primer to help the red color be very bright. I was worried about loosing some of the details but Liquitex spray paint flowed perfectly in all the cracks and gaps. The paint was falling in droplets and appeared like small spots, but it subsequently spreading to for a uniform layer.







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