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10014, Cinder the Red Dragon WIP


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This link might prove to be useful if you're willing to click through to an appropriate sounding name.




Thanks for the link Seer of the Pitt, that's a great tool.


I’ve applied a fourth shading wash on the entire Dragon tonight. I need to add some more shading under the belly plates and I’ll be ready dry brush the scales and work on the horns. The two first washes were darker than the last ones. The result shows more on the head.







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I've started to build up the colors. At this stage, I used a #1 brush. I drybrushed the scales with flat red which is very close to the base coat red. I also applied a dry/wet brushing on the belly plates with the same orange I used for the base coat.











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You have a really good solid base to work from now. That is important and your attention to filling the gaps will be well rewarded. Now for the layering up of highlights. Having painted a lot of red (Khador) I can say the longer you spend glazing up with every increasing thinned red and orange and playing with the next layer the great the effect towards the end. Very rewarding. :)

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That’s a very interesting tool, thanks for the link.


Here’s more pictures. Yesterday, I’ve work mainly on highlighting the belly plates. I blended the colors from orange to orage/yellow and pure yellow.











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Here's what I've done on the head this week. I've highlighted the scales, laid some brown blended glaze on the horns and painted the eyes. I also started to highlight the body scales. With all the shading I've applied, the different tone are really starting to show off now.

It's a very thrilling model to paint, and it's only the preliminaries.













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