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10014, Cinder the Red Dragon WIP


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Yes! I want to add decorative elements and treasure piles.

I will use the part I saved from the original Cinder base.

There is a nice skeleton and a sword on the rocks.


Here's the scene, I will build two base that will share the same background.



Let there be an epic battle in the hall of the Drakesteeth Mountains.

For not only humans envy the forgotten treasures of the Undead Dragon King.

Cinder the angry fire dragon, confront Kaladrax in his lair.




That's the plan! For now I've completed a yellow highlight on the entire model.
I also applied a red wash on the larger scales and brown lined the ridge and edges.





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that's going to look epic when it's put together. A battle for the ages.

The earth shall tremble, the mountains shake and echo with the clash of legendary beings.

Yes that‘s exactly the kind of scene I’m aiming for! An epic battle with dramatic consequences.

The stage must be legendary by himself, that’s a real challenge to build this base.


I had a busy week, so I didn’t paint much. I started to individually work all the scales.

I worked on the wings, I shaded and glazed a four color blend to highlight the membranes.

Maybe I’ll add a light ivory glaze to reach for more transparency.






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