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10014, Cinder the Red Dragon WIP


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Hi, I haven't been painting much lately. Instead, I've been working on a base for Cinder.

In fact, I wish to use this same base to display different models.

For too long now, I wanted to try my hand on making a resin model.

I think this is a good opportunity to experience mold making.

I'll be holding a new WIP on what I now call the Throne Base.

I hope you'll enjoy and it will be useful for some of you.

I'll be glad to receive your comments and learn your personal tricks on the subject.



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That's it, I've been through the process of creating a master model and a silicone mold to make my own resin base.

You can see the entier step by step in my Throne Base WIP.

I've already starter to countersink my freshly cast resin base, to match the Cinder's feet.

I found a good angle to display the dragon and marked the base with a felt-tip pen.

I then dug the resin using a Dremel and started to drill holes to fix the dragon firmly on its base.



















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Here's an update on my progress so far this week. I've drilled the base and chamfered the under part to have the bolts built-in. I'll be using 6-32 x 1" long countersunk head screws.

My first intention was to cover the bolts and the stones with broken tiles carved in green stuff. Like if the weight of the Dragon had broke the tiles. The thing is, the screws are so big they would be difficult to cover, without getting a weird result.

I think I'll end up hidding the whole thing under a pile of gold coins.

















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It's been a long time but fortunately I've took some time to paint this week. Here a picture of my progress. I've painted the basic colors, shaded with muddy brown and painted the skulls. Then, I highlighted the volcanic sand with gory red, blood red and lava orange.


While painting I realized I've lost some of the details of the skulls and there is small holes on the surfaces. It's probably du to air bubbles that got trapped during the casting.

More to come.



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I've worked on detailling the base some more and after a final test to make sure the feet were of the dragon are well aligned with the chamfered holes, I've mixed enough epoxy glue to fix Cinder to its base. The bolts should help the whole thing to stay securely attached.











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You've put a lot into this. The dragon alone would defeat me, let alone the base you've sculpted. The whole thing is coming together and is looking awesome!


Thanks for your the kind words Anne. Are you also working on a Dragon? I hope to find more time to practice the hobby during the upcoming months. Here's more pictures from my progress.


I filled the gaps around the feets with green stuff and prepared some coins. I've also prepared the treasure piles, everything is ready to be paint; 02320 Treasure Hoard I, 02313 Treasure Hoard II & 02652 Magic Treasures III.













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