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MonkeySloth's recent posting about more accurately portraying rocks in miniature painting got me thinking about this fellow. I took a photo of a decorative rock pile in my yard and have opted to try and work some of what I see in these rocks into the painting of this fellow. I've already done some customization to this sculpt as you can see.


Out of the box, I heated this guy in boiling water, and then hyper-flexed his wings to where they were almost touching before dousing him in cold water. Over a period of 3-4 hours, his wings moved into the position you see here, which is the position portrayed in the online store. I used an exacto blade to cut a 45-degree angle into his left arm so I could reglue it into the position you see. It was so clean, I don't even need to green stuff the joint.


I hated the left 'thumb' of the sculpt and opted to cut it away and use a little green stuff to make a new one.


For fun, I decided to add a goblin head to his closed right hand, and used some green stuff to do some dirty goblin hair out the top of the fist.


My overall vision for him is that he's a guardian gargoyle left behind from a long forgotten civilization, or maybe oathsworn to a tribe of druids.



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Thanks for the tip on repositioning the gargoyle! I'll be interested to see how you do the rocks--always interested to see how others add a bit of visual interest to gray or gray-brown. Early on, obviously, but make sure to bury the rocks you've added so they won't look like pebbles added on ::):.

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Basing at the end will take care of all that! This is just to show some of the pre-basing basing that I oftentimes will incorporate with my 'excess' green stuff to set the scene.


I'm thinking of naming the decapitated goblin head buglips...I just can't seem to recall where I've heard that name... :devil:

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After 3 weeks of working on my Paint Open submission for ReaperCon I've finally circled back around to poor Mortar.


Tonight I laid down a (still wet) basecoat comprised of the colors Nightshade Purple, Mahogany Brown, Muddy Brown, and a special Reaper Rose (sample). By having these 4 shades in concert, it provides a jumping off point from which I can start shading and highlighting while hopefully adding some randomized rockiness.


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So here's Mortar with only slight progress made. Last night, after fiddling around with my ReaperCon paint entry (again), I opted to give him some more attention. I used a very thin Nightshade Purple to pull out the Nightshade that went into his base coat by adding some shading to the cracks and other areas that will appear darker on him.


Note that my initial base coat is thinner when dried over certain parts of Mortar than others. Normally this would be unacceptable to me, but in the case of Mortar, I'm going to try and use areas that were thinner on the base coat as areas which will pull to a much lighter shade of rock than the base coat; the goal again is to attempt to make him look like a natural stone gargoyle, rather than a statue carved from a single slab of perfectly contiguous stone.


In the case of shading with the Nightshade purple, it is a foundational color of the base coat everywhere so it makes for a nice 'shadowy' effect everywhere.


Also note that at this point I'm not really trying to blend anything, I'm still just color blocking and shadow blocking. Blending will come much later for Mortar.


Next on the agenda will be to color block out portions of Mortar that are formed from different elements of stone. I'm thinking the left knee and left inner wing are begging to be a much lighter form of tan or whitish stone.


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