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Warpunk is a concept I've had for a while. It's sort of like steam-punk but instead of Victorian dandies it's all about post industrial revolution military. So it's WWII, Korean, cold war + fantasy setting.


Sketch and sculpt start. The scale is 1:52. Make note of the Cyberpunk decker fitted into a base with his new tab.









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A) I eagerly await further posts ::):


B) How do you not get finger prints all in the green stuff? I've been working with it (swearing at it) the last few days and I keep getting my finger prints in it :unsure:


Learn to draw your fingers across the putty when you take them off. Your fingers and the dermel ridges that leave the prints are actually one of the best putty smoothing tools you have, and best print removal tool as well. Try it on a piece of unimportant putty. Put a print on it and then experiment with lightly rubbing your finger over the print, it will smooth right out. You just don't want to lift your finger off directly or you will leave a print. For areas you can't do this with, use a metal sculpting tool and vaseline to smooth out the prints and then finish it with a clay shaper.


@ Hellbeard: I like your WARPUNK concept and am eagerly watching your progress. I love the staff in your concept art. Good luck with this endeavor.



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He's nearly totally complete. Just some small stuff to do here and there. I've added this gnome to the rewards of my indieGoGo campaign in an attempt to re-boot it. Go and check it out if you're interested:




I will also do an undead familiar now, in the same scale which will also be added to the rewards. I'm accepting suggestions as to what type of animal and which sort of undeath.











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Thanks guys! I've put a little more work in and will update tomorrow.

GrayHylk - Don't hesitate to ask if you need any assistance. There's some resources floating around on the web and there are very talented, professional sculptors who sometimes drop by here and help. (thank you Gene!)

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