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Drake KS

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I finally broke down and got the $85 army box pledge. I have a hard time resisting dragon stuff even though I doubt that I'll play the actual wargame.


I'm getting the Rish army because I think a lot of the smaller minis will be useful for Pathfinder and the armored dragons are pretty unique. I also threw in an extra $10 to get the mini of the big cat rider :)


Must resist putting even more money in... with this I've already dropped like $500 on kickstarters, ick.

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Oh this one is getting so juicy towards the end. 24 HOURS LEFT!


It appears that the 99k goal will fall for sure (just $750 away atm). After that is the next big dragon at $105. I think that's possible, but it's cutting it close. It's of interest that there has been $3-4K increase in pledges since I last checked at the 28 hour mark. At that rate we could actually hit the terrain bonus. I would go bo-nanners if that happened.


I wish I could get into a $129 pledge, that'd be sick.. I'm really into this kickstarter but there really does seem to be some nice Kickstarters going on right now. The Itar's workshop dungeon kickstarter is looking good enough to possibly lure me away from the Dwarven Forge one for less money, which would make it easier going in big on Drake. So many things to figure out, fast.

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I've had to cut out of several KS's I wouldn't have normally....and regret some expenditures earlier in the year that I would have preferred to spend on stuff thats out now.

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OMGoblin, great minds think alike!


I'm in for one set at Itar's workshop + add ons and just about to add enough to hit $250 on my $129 battle box so I'm going in on


Rish and Garrick

Rish and Garrick assassins $30

Rish princess $8

Arata earth $17

Ghast and son $10

Scorpion arrow machine $12

Airship $29

High priestess $15


And ill sort out the freebies in the pledge manager

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It very well could. I'm actually a bit worried about all the freebies they've added to the $240 level, I hope they did their math correctly as they've added a LOT of stuff to that level in the past two days.

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I think this game was initially trying to get funded on Indigogo and failed. What a difference KS has made! (and maybe some different structuring?)

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One of the big things that affected the Indigogo was the funding amount (they wanted $60k) and that the cheapest buy in was over $100. They also only had one miniature finished.


Even though they probably still needed 60k to make what they needed going with 10k and hoping they'd get to 60k worked out as high initial goals really drive a lot of pledgers away.

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