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Creator Action Games Miniatures on Oct 4

Hey all!

PLEASE forgive the Radio silence this week, we are in FULL production madness woooohohohoh!! Trays and trays and trays... my pants are covered in Talc, my fingernails are torn from pulling those damn Kaymayuk Macua clubs from the accessory mold, and my hair is looking great as always (hahah)

Halloween is looking great for shipping, Keep in mind we will be shipping over a few days (a few different countries here, whats up all!!!) at the end of the month. I have a crazy plan to include a few surprises in your shipments!

We will gather some big painted playtest video / batrep soon. Honestly the whole team is in this weekend and we should/will be spending it casting and packing. Please bear with us, this time is coming to deliver to our amazing backers. (and then to get things out to stores and the rest of the world!)

I will be answering sales and order questions this weekend. For those who have not seen our updates lately please check them out, many questions can be answered there.

I'll do my best to post some awesome stuff as we go, check out the Facebook page for fun and random posts.



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Creator Action Games Miniatures 2 days ago

Hey all!! I am NOT supposed to be posting this (proper video shoot + editing + sound and such for all updates is the rule) A well produced proper video is being shot HOWEVER I can't wait and leave people hanging while the media is being cut.

..Unofficial Message begins now..

We are shipping very soon!!! however there are a few products that are being stragglers and taking more time (book, terrain pieces, Garrick dragon bodies and a few others) I don't feel we should delay the whole thing because of these pieces and am planning to do two shipments. Honestly most KS do this and I should have planed this from the beginning but being a studio owner/director is a new one for me :-)

We have AWESOME models ready and games being shot as we speak, and we are going to make sure everyone is caught up to speed on all this properly. Long story short: Game being shipped! Book and some plastic models coming later, free awesome bonus for you all, and we have a sales plan to pay for the extra shipping we will present as well (we don't want you all paying more money for shipping and will eat this cost best we can.) AGM is nearing the point where we must transition from KS plan to actual company and it is really tough (8 full time employees right now) we are sorry updates have been sparse. We will involve you all in our plans to go into business officially. You know I respect and cherish you all and you will love what we all made for you here!!!

..end unofficial message..


Creator Action Games Miniatures 1 day ago

.. also more unofficial stuff certainly not from Benji ..

DRAKE: QuickRules will be included in all shipments. While not exactly the complete book this "book" will have everything you need to play... and cool pictures ... and personal thank you to backers ... also limited to this print run ;-)

Bonus will be something awesome... will update more soon, but we will most likely be tuning up each order (ex: getting Rish Army... get sweet thing to make force more deadly)


Tom 1 day ago

Thanks AGM! I have no doubt, the future of the company looks bright. Any thoughts of another Kickstarter on the horizon? ;-)


Creator Action Games Miniatures 1 day ago

Regarding KS...

We need to open our doors for business IMMEDIATELY after these KS orders get shipped. A distribution KS (with the goal of adding a new force!!!) has certainly been talked about. We have the studio and molds and staff BUT we need money for metal/packaging/shipping to get out to all the countries that want us after we ship this KS.I have 8 full time employes + lots and lots of people around the world that want this game and we need to connect them.

Also on a side note 3 out of the 8 have new babies!!! Woooo!!!! (seriously you guys got me on this one... something about creating Dragons makes people have babies...) So my personal need to take care of the company is for more then business reasons...

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Cool! Thanks for sharing that, I am a backer but I rarely check out kickstarter comments. Some good news for sure, though eight employees sounds like an awful lot for a $129k kickstarter, I hope they have some retail customers lined up. Of course getting them out in a timely manner will definitely help future sales and projects.

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This is encouraging and surprising news.


I actually never thought this would ship on the original estimated date and was likely to be arriving around Christmas/New Years time. Now that could still be the case, but it seems like they are pushing full speed ahead to get the product in our hands.


One on hand, this is great, on the other I am really so invested in the future of this I realllllly hope they are doing what is best for them. This was a pretty big KS goal and we hit everything and raised quite a large amount of money. I know it's not unheard of amounts or anything, but it really seemed like this was a start-from-scratch, first-time, big-idea type of deal and I was really expecting there to be more hiccups.


I wonder how much money is saved using the virtual sculpting/rendering aka the Reds than traditional green sculpts. With $130k raised, rendering costs, 3D printing costs, metal and resin costs, mold costs, production costs, etc. plus 8 full-time employees working 12 hour days it's really quite surprising they are able to get us the products in a fair time-frame IMO and then they are also splitting up the orders into two shipments AND including a bonus for every backer. With 560 backers (and they also allowed people to pledge post-KS IIRC) that is a LOT of extra shipping costs and bonus freebie costs. Since the items they are having trouble with seem to be VERY common ones that I expect a majority of pledges to include since the $$$/backer = $230.56 which is really high now that I look at it (I know I went in for something close to 400... really surprising myself TBH as it's more than I pledged for Bones !). So I am really wondering what this will mean for the companies bottom line and near success.


I am pretty happy to hear they may do another KS. I have been very pleased with how they have handled this kickstarter and the way they have communicated with the backers and how they have listened to feedback (and taken steps before feedback) to insure that the model quality is as high as it can be, including completely scrapping models and starting over new (Rashaka Demon, Corbrulo, Saan Dragon however many times! probably others as well). It just shows that they care about the *entire* line and are really willing to make sure it's perfect even if it means more cost to them to fix it.


They also all seem like really great guys and gals and I am excited for them to build their business, hopefully into a long-term successful venture, and grow their own personal families. They are people that I would definitely feel comfortable supporting via KS (and retail- which is important and not easy for most companies to sway me) to help out (although it's not like I'm coming out with the short end either as I amass huge armies, muwahaha). It will be interesting to see what exactly they have planned for this KS to help fund their worldwide distribution initiative as it seems like we will be paying them money upfront that they will be spending to get all the models out from KS1 to these countries and hopefully get back money from sales to expand their business infrastructure to be self-supporting (and profitable) while also ensuring that KS2 can be fulfilled. It's a pretty daunting thought when broken down like that, but I really feel very comfortable with AGM as a company.


I have REALLY been behind on painting my Bones though and I'm going to need to kick some elf to get these Drake models painted! Especially since I have little experience with metal. I have enough models for 3x army so I think that's going to be quite a bit of painting lol.


Anyways, I'm very excited by this news, but I really want the company to do what's right for them to ensure they can continue this game which I have really found myself enjoying and the setting as well which is very intriguing for the RP world standpoint.


And to think I almost posted a comment on here yesterday about how I wouldn't read too much into their previous update about being ready to ship soon :P

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Project Update #91: Teaser update! Posted by Action Games Miniatures ♥ Like

Hello Hello!

THIS IS A TEASER UPDATE. Please refer to the comments section for more of the "Un-official word." We are shipping! We have to do two shipments because a few of our products are being stragglers (book, Garrick dragon bodies, terrain pieces and a couple more) and we don't want to delay the whole thing. We are going to have a sales plan and our goal is not to charge any extra shipping (wish me luck!) Everyone is getting a free awesome perk for being amazing and bearing with us. Nice products to pad every order. I am in the Photo studio writing this and they are all shooting army shots and prepping our video. Really the rule in this company is that every update is in a big fancy video but I am breaking the rules because it takes too long for everything right now. Here are some excellent shots!


Kaymayuk warrior pose 2. These amazing warriors are brutal and efficient, however they can use chant magic support from their Dragon...


BAM! Once these chant constructions are on the table Saan and Formosi Dragons can activate a powerful arsenal of abilities including the much feared "Execute."


Now all forces can make use of the following little beast...


With the ability to rearrange a players top few cards this chant creation is truly effective. Kyran Dragons have created several servant familiars of this nature with "The Teeth of Kyran" and "The Claws of Kyran" making their way onto battlefields everywhere. Here is a shot for scale showing off the details of this tiny creature.


OK this is update 1 / 3. Some more info = we are having a party here in Vancouver for all local people to come get their shipment. There will be cameras and such so all will partake, plan is to do it live. Packing and shipping is REALLY taking all of our time but we do get your messages even if we do not immediately reply to them. We are going to have to open for business soon BUT backers will get their models way before stores and distributors. No matter what crazy sales plan we devise to keep production and support happening know that YOU ALL WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST!!



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Creator Action Games Miniatures 7 days ago

Hey all!

Hope your having a great tuesday. Man it was a busy one and pretty fun as well. I have to give a shout out to our amazing miniature processing team. The group that takes our 3D masters, cleans, adjusts, and prepares production masters are amazing and dedicated professionals.
Lee = Production Manager
Geoff = Miniatures Technician
Lucas = Miniatures Technician
Reyne = Quality and Content Management

Well done awesome folks!


Creator Action Games Miniatures 5 days ago

Hey George!

Here is a late night outline for you from your pal Benji. (If we weren't so busy I would do up a graphic one for you!!)

Mighty base (80mm+) All Dragons
50mm = Madness, Corbrulo, Yerst, Eradicators, Jern
40mm = Heavy infantry, all Groms, Elemental spirits, Ghast, Twins
30mm = All infantry, oolen, Rakhera, Unit commanders, power marks, Sovereign Nations, Cherek

I am sure I missed one or two, let me know if you have any in mind. Cheers!


Creator Action Games Miniatures 3 days ago

@ Overread ,yep you got it man. We are getting as much as possible in this first shipment, as well as a few surprises. We begin at the end of the month and our process will take a few days.

@ Fred, hey man hows it going? I did the TGN post (and a few others that are making their way out) sorry if it seemed unclear, just getting back into the public and my posting skills are a bit rusty ;-)
Also Fred Thank you for the mobile update!! Just got off the phone with web person. Apparently GoDaddy recently changed something (IE: we now have to pay for a service...) and now we have no choice but to go to "Mobile version" on our phones... sigh... Will be fixed monday when people are back at work. I have one of those huge Samsung Note II's and it wont load on mine either. :-(


  1. Creator Action Games Miniatures about 16 hours ago

    Hey all!

    I know your getting excited! We are too, but you have to bear with us while we get things ready. Unless there is a dinosaur attack or some crazy comet strike we will begin shipping at the end of the month as we have planned. Its all going fine (if by fine i mean unbelievably crazy.) Just please please please understand that making videos and having photoshoots is not really possible if we are going to meet our deadline. We have new painted models, a battle report and lots of fun stuff just waiting to head out when the team is done with current tasks. You will be well doused with much game support right after wheels are up with our pallets of games ( 6 pallets to be exact!!)
    You are all getting the First Drake Products Ever Made!!!! Woooo!!! Trust me LOTS of great distro people and retailers are very excited about this and want our game. Please note that you will all get BOTH shipments of products before anyone else gets anything. We are making plans for the upcoming year and you will hear (after you get this shipment) plans for continuing the sale of the game and exciting stuff like that. Just know that if an excited retailer in Winnipeg, Manitoba posts that they are getting Drake next year that you all will all come first!
    OK back to the "Room of Pain" for more exciting manufacturing, 2 weeks of 12 hour days for this one, I will be here tho! And answer questions and comments as I can. LOVE AND RESPECT BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!

  2. Creator Action Games Miniatures about 16 hours ago

    (secret update: There will be some tracking numbers for you all to enjoy)

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Hello Everybody,

As we wait for shipping to get underway we wanted to share some recent photos with you.


First up we've got the Yerke'Grom, an ally of the Garrick. The Yerke'Grom pack is comprised of a leader and two subordinates. They come with nine different weapon options and you can see a few of them in the photo.


Rivercrest Iron Fists

Next, here are the Rivercrest Iron Fists, allied to the Rish. Heavy Infantry like the Yerke'Grom, these guys pack a punch.


Rivercrest Scouts

In between getting coats of paint applied, we grabbed some Rivercrest Scouts for a quick wide photo and a close-up.



Evolution of the Yerst

Here is something we thought would be neat to show. On the right you can see a very early copy of the Yerst and on the left one of the latest. We have been upping our manufacturing wherever possible and making large improvements to the level of detail and overall resolution of our miniatures.

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